from Meredith

Dear Helga,

My name is Meredith, and I am the wife of a sissy pantywaist. I am writing both to thank you for saving my marriage and, hopefully, to demonstrate to your readers how sissification can remedy even the most dysfunctional household. I have not acted alone to fix our relationship and implement your strategies. Three other strong, intelligent women have made my project possible. If you believe this letter to be informative, I would like to send you future letters detailing not only my efforts, but also highlighting the efforts of these wonderful women.

Matthew and I were married five years ago. He is thirty-two, and I am twenty-nine years old. I am a fair partner, but I explained going into our marriage that I would be the primary decision maker - the undisputed boss of our family. I love Matthew dearly, but he has never been responsible enough to be the head of a household. I am more than capable and happy to wear the pants in our home. I bring in the lion's share of our income, have a highly successful career, and know how to keep our home respectable and running smoothly. Matthew, for his many talents, isn't capable of doing the same. For the first three years of our marriage, he was compliant and understood that my being in control was the best for us. The trouble began about two years ago.

Maybe it's my fault for not being strict enough, Helga, but Matthew began to forget his place in our relationship. He became less respectful toward me, irresponsible with the money I was earning, and neglected to consult with me and receive my permission before making significant decisions. After spending all of 2014 fearful that my marriage and the life I had worked so hard to build were crumbling, I stumbled upon your publication. It was a godsend, and as I mentioned before, your philosophy of sissification is the tool that saved our marriage.

My New Year's resolution for 2015 was to return order to my home and marriage, and I am proud to report that I have kept my promise to both myself and my husband. Matthew, whenever he is not at work, is now Lacy Fagette. "Lacy" signifies her permanent life in the strict discipline of lace and frills. "Fagette" is a playful term that emasculates her and reminds her that while she may be my husband, she may never be a real man and know the privileges that come with being a strong, responsible member of that gender. I am no "man hater," Helga. There are many men out there who are kind and capable of handling their masculinity. Lacy is not one of them and thus has been stripped of her male affiliation.

Now, it's important to note that I did not take a masculine, macho male and turn him into a sissy from scratch. I took a weak, effeminate male who had a fondness for crossdressing and tightened my control over him by making him an utter pantywaist. Lacy has confirmed that she dabbled in crossdressing as a young man, often borrowing his sister Susan's things. In our own marriage, he would occasionally wear my lingerie when we were intimate. I had no serious qualms with his fetish, and I even thought that perhaps him being pantied made the hierarchy in our marriage complete.

That's where I made a mistake. His crossdressing back then was for his own gratification and on his own terms - not for my pleasure or as a constant reminder that I am the alpha in our relationship. Now, every garment, frill, and bit of lace are worn to enforce his place in our home and his understanding that he, as a pansy, must defer to proper men and women and girls of all ages. That last part is very important. I've made it clear to him that the feminine gender is superior, benevolent, and knows best. Should a little girl in the park approach him and demand a curtsy, his only reply should be, "How long and how deep, Miss?"

As I stated before, Helga, I have not accomplished my task alone. Three amazing women have supported me throughout the past year: my wise mother, Margaret; our 22-year-old next door neighbor, Ashley; and Lacy's 30-year-old biological sister, Susan. When I was at my low point and discovered your site, I began to think of the people in my life whom I could truly rely upon and trust for help. These women have all been instrumental in Lacy's transformation over the course of the past year.

Each woman, in addition to being of superior gender, intelligence, and strength to Lacy, also holds the following advantages over my sissy: the authority to spank, discipline, and punish; the right to use a strap-on as desired; and a key to Lacy's chastity device. When initially forming a pact with these women, I bestowed on them not only total authority when Lacy is in their care but also the gifts of a strap-on and a chastity device key. As you can imagine, these are all the tools strong and capable women would ever need to control a pansy like Lacy.

Lacy returns home from work two hours before I do. Of course, I do not trust her without proper female supervision. Ashley watches her for those two hours each afternoon, during which Lacy is kept as a baby girl. The wages for Ashley's services of course come out of Lacy's paycheck. My mother always wanted a girly girl for a daughter. When I was young, I was more of a tomboy, so Lacy has become the swishy, frilly little daughter that Mother never had. She visits Mother a couple of times each week and sometimes stays over. Finally, Susan uses Lacy as a personal maid for a few hours on the weekend. As children, Lacy was a terrible brother to her, so we decided it's only fair that she spend her adulthood making it up to her lovely little sister.

In my home, Lacy serves all of the above functions. She takes care of the home, helps me entertain, and provides hours of amusement. Again, all with the purpose of making sure the power structure in our household is maintained. I should also mention that a problem between Lacy and me, even before she grew out of line as a husband, is her bedroom performance. She is an inadequate male in the boudoir, with an inadequate, baby-sized penis and no masculine presence. To see to my satisfaction, I date and occasionally bring home real man who are not only able to fulfill my sexual needs as a modern woman but also highlight the strength, kindness, and maturity that proper men possess and sissy pansies lack.

Helga, this letter has already run many pages longer than intended. Suffice it to say, our marriage works perfectly for me now that I have fully sissified my husband. With the help of your website and three dear friends, I now possess the marriage I was promised and deserve. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on my little project.


Thank you for your letter Meredith. I am so thrilled to see how well you've done and I also thank you for your kind words about me and my site. Let me say at the outset how much I approve of you helping your husband to realize his proper place in your marriage and of course hats off to your three kindred spirits for their continuing support. It is our sincere wish that letters such as yours can provide inspiration and hope to wives everywhere.


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