from Sally

Dear Helga,

Last week was just magical teaching my little brother to be a flower girl for my wedding. Dressing Alexandra, in her yellow party dress with her frilly knickers on view was absolutely delightful. She looked every bit a little girl with her hair in bunches, tied with yellow ribbons. When she was given her dolls, it was just to much for her. She wept and wept until I consoled her by saying that she was the prettiest girl around and should be pleased to be able to own such a pretty dress. I told her that she looked so cute and would really like playing dolls with me. She put her arms around me and I did likewise, fondling the lace on her bottom, and whispering to her that I really liked her frilly knickers.

Her hold became tighter as I said that now that she was now dressed as a pretty little girl, she would now learn what being a girl was all about, right from a young age. I held her back so that I could see her face, kissed her gently on her cheek, and asked her if she liked her new party dress and frilly knickers. She said that she was mixed up because she liked her new dress but didn't know why she did because she was a boy and boys don't wear dresses and frilly knickers.

After hugging her, I told her that from now on she has to think of herself as a girl, not only for me, but for herself as she would need to feel like a proper girl for my wedding. She said that she was scared of becoming a girl so I said to her that she had been dressing in girls clothes for a while, and I thought that she had found them comfortable to wear. At first, she was hesitant but actually admitted that girls clothes were comfortable to wear. I knew that I was making good progress.

During the afternoon we played tea parties with the dolls, which took me back a few years I can tell you. I teased her about being able to see her frilly knickers as we played, and we both laughed. She said on one occasion that she could see my knickers, which I thought was excellent. We had jelly and cakes for tea which was appropriate, I thought. All in all it was a wonderful day.

That evening I bathed her and dressed her in her baby doll nightie, then I put mine on, which I was able to buy online. We giggled as we looked up and down at one another. I told her that I liked us wearing our baby doll nighties and being girls together. She responded by saying that she had enjoyed her day and that she didn't know why, but she also likes us being girls together. As you can imagine, I was so overjoyed at this remark.

I told her that the more she wears girls clothes, the more likely it would be that she would begin to feel like a proper girl, particularly for the wedding, and thanked her for what she was doing for me. I said that her party dress really made her look much younger and was perfect for her to wear in her training as a little girl. Then I said that she could progress on once she began to feel more comfortable about being a girl.


Thank you for your letter Sally. I know she will make the perfect flower girl and will be forever grateful to her big sister for giving her this wonderful experience of being a little girl. I'm also sure many little boys would be thrilled to have this opportunity and perhaps your example of success will encourage other brides to do the same.


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