from Don

Dear Auntie Helga,

I introduced petticoating to my wife last summer after looking at Discipline Quarterly for months. Carol didn't know much about petticoating or sissymaids other than she had heard of them. I explained why I wanted to be Carol's sissymaid and after a few days of answering her questions she agreed with me. We went shopping together a few times to gather up the necessary clothing that a s sissymaid must wear according to Carol. It was me that wanted to be her sissymaid but it was her that learned to me my Mistress. The process was slow for me to learn how to do all the cleaning and laundry the way she wanted it done. Carol was slow to learn how to be a Mistress by her own admission not mine. She started to enjoy my cleaning abilities which helped her look at the whole thing in a different light. At first Carol thought she was doing all of this for me but then she realized she was doing it for her. All of a sudden Carol began talking like a Mistress and acting the part by having me wear a chastity device. I was seeing a Mistress more like what I read about than my wife.

Carol aggressively started to feminize me making sure I was clean shaven, had my ears pierced and had me wearing makeup. All of a sudden I was her sissymaid and not wanting to be one. I began wearing nail polish and looking after my own nails. Carol taught me how to shape my eyebrows in a more feminine shape and thickness. One day I asked Carol if she wanted to continue our relationship as Mistress and sissymaid or was it time to stop it. Part of me felt I shoved this idea down her throat and never asked if she liked or hated it. Well I got my answer that Carol didn't want to stop pr change anything. It was a few weeks after that conversation that 3 of her girlfriends came for dinner with me serving them all night. The evening was like I was hired as the maid with very little conversation directed my way. I was there to serve and was not part of any conversations.

Carol was taking her Mistress role very seriously to my surprise. It seemed the more she read or talked to others the deeper I went into submission. Carol bought a strapon and began using it on me which is something we never did before. I was allowed to take the chastity device off once a week long enough to shave the area and if lucky time to jerk off until Carol put it back on me. I was a sissymaid through and through. It was not what I thought it would be thinking most of what I read was fiction. Carol now wants me to have breast implants to show her I am committed to serving her permanently. I couldn't believe she talked to me about breast implants Auntie Helga. When I asked her why she told me because I am her sissymaid and that is good enough. Carol pointed out it was me that wanted to be her sissymaid so she was supporting me by feminizing me more.

Auntie Helga can you share some of your expertise with me? Is Carol going too far with this breast implant thing? She must have read it somewhere since she wasn't one to be creative in that type of way before we started down this path. I know I asked to be her sissymaid without me knowing all the ins and outs. Do you feel Carol is just outing a scare in me?

Thanks for reading me email


Thank you for your letter Don. I suppose this falls under the heading of be careful what you wish for. You gave her this power and she is using it, I suggest you accept it and become the proper sissymaid she desires. You are in fact her sissymaid now and as your Mistress decisions about your feminization are hers alone. Breast implants and even castration are becoming more common for sissymaids.

Auntie Helga

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