from Ruth

Dear Helga,

I can't believe that I have forgotten this wonderful site of yours. I remember seeing it several years ago and I believe it did influence me and my current situation. I am the legal guardian of my little (half) bother Michael for several years now. Forced Petticoat Training is a major part of my philosophy of bringing up children and I have used it for years.

Michael was just 14 and I was only 19 at the time. Quite by accident, I caught Michael masturbating. I had no idea he was even at home; I was just putting some laundry in his room. Kicking open the door, I found him lying on his bed with his penis in his hand, pumping furiously. I was actually very shocked at the time dropping the laundry and just stared at the site for a moment before he realized that he was no longer alone.

Needless to say, that evening we discovered spanking. I threw him over my lap in a rage and our relationship changed forever. Though nothing else happened for months, the change in his attitude was immediate and lasting. Then having done extensive research on the subject I began to formulate my personal philosophy. I decided to take my role of Guardian seriously and give my brother the parental guidance and training he still needs to this day. Out of this desire grew my philosophy of what I call the Corner Stones for Good Behavior.

1. Forced Chastity

2. Regular Discipline and Punishment

3. Humiliation

4. Feminization

It should be known that I am a primarily lesbian by nature, which is, I believe, a great advantage. My friends and I have no desire for penile penetration like a heterosexual and can take pleasure from the training itself and avoid the unnecessary distractions. I felt I needed to go beyond the role of Guardian and become his maternal authority figure. Using these guiding principles I have taken my little brother Michael from a perverted naughty asshole and transformed him into my enthusiastic Sissy Maid. She still has a long way to go but I never seem to get discouraged. (hee hee)
It was late May when Michael was graduating from the 10th grade. He came home on the last day about 2pm to find me gathered with my friends, sitting around on the patio having drinks. I let him change into shorts and a tee shirt and have a little snack before I called him out to the patio with us. I asked him how his last day of school was and what he planned on doing for the summer. He told me that he planned on just hanging out with his friends and going to the beach but I said those plans may have to change. "Your report card came today Michael and we need to talk about it." Because this phrase was only used when he was in some sort of trouble, his face went white hearing it. And he knew that my friends being present would not help. There was not an extra chair for him so I indicated that he should stand in front of us.

I sat up in my chair and opened the envelope with the report card in it. I carefully pulled it out and unfolded it. "Let's just see how you did this year Michael..." I read off each subject aloud, one by one. "That's 2 D's, 2 C's one B and an F. An F Michael, really? And in gym class too! It says here that you skipped class almost the entire last half of the year, is that right young man? Now why is that? It's not like gym class is that hard is it? Or, could it be that you stopped going because I've been making you wear panties this semester and you didn't want anyone to see them right?

This report card is pathetic young man! What do you have to say for yourself? Hmmm? And if this wasn't bad enough, I know your dirty little secret. That's right, I know that you've been jerking off again. And haven't I been asking you over and over about that you keep denying it... and lying to me, right to my face!" I had months earlier placed a hidden, Nanny Cam in his room and had video evidence of his naughty activities. From these videos I have produced several still photos.

There was no denying it, I had absolute proof. Showing Michael the photos he turned to run away but was stopped by my friends. I sat up in my chair, tucked my fingers into his belt and pulled him close. As I continued to lecture him, I pulled his t-shirt over his head and unbuckled his belt. He knew full well what was coming but could not escape with the help of my friends. I pulled down his shorts to reveal his panties for a few moments before I whisked them right off making him completely naked.

Over my lap he went I spanked him vigorously for 5 full minutes. I let all 3 of my friends take a turn making Michael cry like a baby. When he was back over my lap again I said, "You have got a lot to atone for Michael and mommy is going to see to it that you get what is coming to you." I knew how much it embarrassed him to be seen naked so I declared that he would be kept naked for the next 30 days and spanked at least once each day. I was enrolling him in summer school, my school. I blackmailed him and told him that unless I received his complete cooperation, I would email his jerk off photos to everyone he knew.

By the end of the 30 days I had the girls over to once again help and enjoy themselves. And over the 30 days time I had Michael pack up all of his clothing and other personal item in boxes. Absolutely everything was removed from his room and I told him that I was going to remodel and repaint so he had to sleep on the couch. I kept him out of it so he had no clue that his room was becoming a baby nursery. The walls were now a pretty pink and his closet was now filled with dozens of outfits that I had shipped to the house, both Maid and Baby.

I replaced his bed to a standard sized crib that I had especially reinforced so it could stand up to my new big baby. There was a mobile that hung above this crib. The carpet was white and there was a special changing table against the window. In one corner I setup a play pen. There were dolls and clowns and flowers on the wall paper of one wall. Cute stuffed animals and baby dolls were everywhere. It was as dainty and feminine as I could make it.

Michael of course tried to cover himself whenever he could in the company of all the ladies present. This Friday evening was his last night and would be able to put clothes on the next day. As the evening passed I lite a fire in my big fire pit in the back yard. I really got it going for a few hours and it was nice and hot. I lead Michael to a moving dolly and had him pick up the boxes that he had packed. Picking up the first stack of 4 boxes, he thought he was going to be moving them back into his room. "Hey, where you going dear? No, take them outside... by the fire."

Telling Michael that he was beginning a new life, he would need new things to wear and that his old clothes and personal items were no longer acceptable. I made him burn every item in every box. Every sock, shirt and pants along with toys, books and everything. Absolutely everything he owned he had to toss into the flames, himself. Oh how sad he looked as even his most prized possessions went up in flames.

"I must admit Michael; it's not all your fault. I take some responsibility for your naughty behavior myself. No really I do! If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken better care of you and maybe this whole thing could have been avoided. But I guess it's too late for that now isn't it? You've turned into a filthy disgusting pervert and we'll just have to deal with it the best way we can right? But I promise you dear, Mommy won't ever make that mistake again." Teasing and scolding are 2 of my favorite tools in getting Michael to recognize the need for his training. "Mommy is going to start you all over again. We are going back to when you were a baby. Then during the day Mommy will do her best to train you to become a perfectly obedient Sissy Maid."

From that day forward, Michael has not seen a single item of boy clothing. I put him to bed every night at 8pm. He is of course dressed in diapers, pinafores, bonnets, pacifiers etc. He will only fit into his crib one way. He lies on his back on the mattress and must lift his legs up with his knees over his chest. I secure his ankles and wrists to the side rails for the night. I got a baby bottle made for a calf of one full quart. I mix up a batch of real baby formula every night. This is usually his dinner, given to him at bedtime propped up on his chest. "Be sure to suckle every drop baby. There mustn't be anything left in the morning." I turn on some music, baby lullabies if you hadn't guessed. Things like Barney or Sesame Street songs and play them softly all night long.

During the day, my brother has a lot of work to do and a lot of lessons to learn. She serves as my Maid and has learned to cook, clean, become a masseuse, gives manicures, yard work, everything.


Thank you for your letter Ruth. Your taking upon yourself the role of strict guardian was very generous and your subsequent petticoating of your little brother entirely appropriate. Taking your valuable time to help him to become a better person, one devoted to serving others, speaks volumes to your magnanimous nature, that, along with the strict attitude necessary to accomplish the goal, has the admiration of all my valued readers I'm sure.


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