Once, I was dating a former actress named Vanessa Lengies. She was such a sweetheart, and she knew how to cater to my needs. One day, while coming home from work, I realized Vanessa hadn't "punished" me in a while. Let me explain what I mean by "punished."

Sometimes, I would tell Vanessa that I was a "bad boy" and I needed to be "punished," and she would "punish" me, mostly by "forcing" me to wear women's clothes. Well, on the way home, I decided that I would try to see if she was into doing that on that particular day.

The thought of her "punishing" me really got me excited, and I couldn't wait to get home. When I got in the house, we said hello to each other and we hugged and kissed. I then looked at her and said "Vanessa, I've been a bad boy." She smiled and said "Oh really? Now that you mention it, you have been getting a bit of an attitude and a smart mouth lately, and I really didn't appreciate when you called me 'Apple butt' the other day." I said "Fair enough. You're not going to let me get away with this behavior, are you?" She said "No, I'm not. So, how do you think you should be punished?" I said "Well, I think I should put on a bra, a panty, and my pink leotard and I think you should spank me."

She said "Okay, go upstairs and put your stuff on, and I'll be up in a few minutes." So, I went upstairs, and when I got there, I removed all of my clothes and I put on a hot pink padded bra, pink Hanes Her Way briefs and a pink leotard.

A few minutes later, Vanessa came up. When she walked in she said "I can see you're ready. Alright little missy, lay on the bed." So, I lay down on the bed. She then pulled a chair over to the bed and sat on it. She then said "This is what you get for having an attitude and a smart mouth and for calling me 'Apple butt.'"

She then started spanking me. There's something I should mention. Vanessa is strong. Her arms are hard as rocks. It had been a while since she spanked me, and I forgot how hard she could hit. At that point though, I didn't care. I was enjoying her spanking so much.

A bit later, she said "Alright little missy, stand up, take off your leotard, and lay back down on the bed." So, I did as I was told. She then went back to spanking me in my bra and panty. Soon, she stopped and said "Turn around and look at me." So, I turned around and looked at her. She asked "Are you going to stop with the attitude and the mouth, and are you going to start treating me with the respect that I deserve?" I answered "Yes ma'am." She said "Good, because if you keep it up, I may have to spank you again." I should mention that when she said that, she couldn't keep a straight face. I then got off the bed and I walked over to her and she stood up, and we both hugged. I said "Vanessa, thank you so much." She said "You're welcome honey. I'm so glad that we got to do this again." I said "Yeah me too. I really missed it."

She then said "I still can't get over how cute you look in your pink leotard." I said "Thank you. I love it." She said "So do I. In fact Cory, do you think you could wear your leotard to bed tonight?" I asked "Just the leotard or the leotard, the bra and the panty?" She answered "The leotard, the bra and the panty." I said "Okay, I can do that." So, later that night, I put the bra, the panty and the leotard back on, and I went to sleep with my beautiful girlfriend Vanessa.

The end

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