Petticoating Saved my Husband's Life

Dear Helga,

Thank you for your wonderful site. You are definitely a wonderful, caring person and have saved my husband's life and our marriage.

I do not say this lightly at all. It is all true. My husband is a wonderful man and a wounded warrior. He proudly served our country during three deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Let me start out by saying, Perry is a kind, loving, dear man. He is all man. Due to an injury on his first deployment to Iraq, Perry was robbed of his ability to have children, but not his ability to be sexual or intimate with me. He has always seen to my needs first, not as a requirement from me, but because he rarely thinks of himself first. Perry has always made sure things were done around the house before getting deployed and when he was home would clean and care for our home with meticulous care because he always told me that I deserve the best home he can provide.

All this changed when Perry returned from his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something happened there that he will not talk to me about. Perry was emotionally and psychologically traumatized to the point that he was medically retired from the military. Perry became withdrawn, sad, and finally suicidal. I had a good job working on the base he retired at and kept my job. With Perry's retirement and my income, we made more than enough to live on. One day I came home from work and I knew that something was wrong the moment I walked through the front door. There was not the wonderful smell of food that usually greeted me or the sight of my husband doing some chore around the house that he loved. I went into the kitchen and found the man I loved with his competition pistol at his temple and he was about to pull the trigger. He was crying and I know he must not have heard me because he was talking to himself begging someone unseen person for forgiveness.

Helga, I was so scared for him at that moment. I ran out of the house, called my next door neighbor and friend, Shirley, then called the police. Perry surrendered the gun and was admitted to the veteran's hospital in the next town. I was beside myself and I had to find a way to save my husband. This is where I found your site. I began to read about how petticoating men and boys calmed them down, so I wondered if it might help Perry to return to me from his nightmares of war.

I showed Shirley and her husband Bob your site and we all read articles. They both agreed that it was worth trying and helped me get my house ready for Perry's return. After two months Perry was discharged from the hospital. I was made his sole guardian, since his mother was dead and he never knew his father. Shirley and Bob were waiting at the house for us as I drove Perry home and explained to him that I have made some changes, not to punish him but so that we both could be safe.

When we got home, Perry noticed the house was definitely more feminine with soft pinks, mauves, and purples (his favorite color). I asked Perry to go upstairs and get undressed and meet me in the bathroom, that I wanted to give him a bath. He looked at me curiously but complied without a word. As he undressed I drew a nice warm bath and filled it with fragrant bubble bath. I had him sit on the bed and I broke my plan to him. I told him, "Perry, I love you more than life and I almost lost you. I want you safe and with me." I then kicked his male clothes out of the room and opened his closet full of dresses, blouses, skirts and other female garments. I then showed him his drawers which were full of satin panties, garters, bras, and ankle socks. Perry looked terrified. He started to cry and protest but I sat next to him and held him and told him that it was only as a trial, that the feeling of the garments might calm him down. Perry looked into my eyes and saw that I was serious and asked me what he was supposed to do.

I applied hair removal cream all over his legs, chest, arms, and back then I trimmed and shaved his pubic hair while the hair removal cream did its job. I then led him to the shower and washed the cream off then led him into the garden tub and had him sit down. As I washed Perry with the fragrant soaps, Shirley and Bob came into the house and removed Perry's male clothes. Shirley picked out a beautiful light purple satin dress, white satin panties with lace trim at the top and the legs, white anklets with purple lace fringe, a satin slip and petticoat, then a pair of white Mary Jane style shoes with a purple bow on the toes. The outfit was precious. I had even bought a wig with burgundy colored hair that went below his shoulders.

Shirley went back out into the hallway closing the door as I helped Perry from the tub and dried him off then powdered his body with a very feminine scented body powder (the powder he loves smelling on me) and had him wait while I went and returned with the satin panties and the specially ordered training bra. Perry began to cry as I put the garments on him and I held him close reassuring him that I love him and that this will help him. I then led him to the bedroom and Perry almost had a panic attack as he saw the dress and other garments. He tried to walk out of the room, but Bob and Shirley stood into the door and Perry resigned and sat on the bed in tears. My heart was breaking for the bravest man I know, but I was determined to save him from himself. I helped him to his feet and had him raise his arms then Shirley and I tugged the slip over him then the petticoat. his muscular body look dazzling in the shimmering garments. We had him sit down and I put the anklets on his feet and turned down the lace cuffs then slipped the shoes on his feet and buckled them on so they fit him comfortably.

Next, Shirley applied a little make up to his features to remove his masculine features, telling him how much he means to her and Bob. Shirley has a wonderful way of disarming people with her smile and Southern accent. She had Bob show Perry his satin panties as Shirley has helped Bob recover from his own nightmares as a police officer. I could tell that Perry was starting to relax and her began to fidget and move his legs feeling the slip and petticoat against his bare hairless skin. Satisfied with his make up, we helped Perry to his feet then slipped the dress onto his body and I zipped it up the back and buttoned it at the top. My heart began to beat faster as I became more excited seeing my hero dressed so splendidly. Shirley and I then put the wig on Perry (he always wears his hair in a military high and tight hair cut). What I saw before me was not a wounded warrior but a beautiful soul, radiating with love, and He was actually smiling. Shirley, Bob, and I took Perry to see his reflection and he was unable to recognize himself. Here it was I was standing next to and loving the most beautiful woman in the world.

I explained to Perry that this was only going to last for a couple of months. Shirley was going to stay with him while I was at work and then I would be with him the rest of the time. The change in Perry started a few days after the petticoat regimen began. I started noticing that the house was much tidier, the dishes that Perry cooked had more imagination and tasted better, and most of all Perry was able to actually relax. He no longer dove to the floor when he heard a loud sound thinking it was gunfire. He has started to open up to me and share his experiences from Afghanistan with me and we both cry together. Even our times of intimacy are sweeter and more satisfying for the both of us.

I want to make it clear to you and the rest of the readers, I did not petticoat Perry to humiliate him, demean him, transform him into a docile man, make him my slave, or punish him for philandering. Perry has always been and remains to this day committed to me and our marriage and has never strayed much less looked upon another woman with a wandering eye. I went to this measure because I was desperate to do anything to save his life and keep him with me because I love him so. I am not a dominant nor do I rule over Perry even though I have legal guardianship over him. But I do report that Perry is now down to one anti-depressant which helps him with anxiety instead of the three he was taking and the tranquilizers which were making him addicted.

After the time period that I set ended, Perry sat me down and asked if he could stay petticoated longer, to which I agreed. He asked if I would refer to him in the feminine and I agreed to that too. What is more amazing is Perry changed her name to Corissa, which means Grace in Greek. When I was offered a promotion at my job and it required us relocating, Corissa said she wanted to start there as a woman, with me and continue as my wife. I was truly touched and my love for my wounded warrior grew even more. That was 3 years ago when we started this.

Today Corissa lives 24/7 as a woman. She is still disabled and can't hold a job but volunteers full time as a cook at a local homeless shelter. I still come home to the warm aroma's of a freshly prepared dinner every evening, a meticulously clean and tidy house and yard. We live in a predominantly gay-friendly neighborhood, and all of our neighbors and friends think Corissa was born a woman until they get to know us. Corissa and I are still intimate and we have discovered that I am due to have our first child Corissa is so happy and has already put together and decorated the nursery and the baby is not due for another 20 weeks. We are so blessed.

The Blessed Wife of a Wounded Warrior
Chelsey M.

Thank you for your letter Chelsey. Your experience is an inspiration to us all and please thank your husband for his service. As you might expect, I am delighted that your site brought some degree of comfort to your family.


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