Date Night

Hello Helga - I thought you and your readers would be interested to hear how I have recast the typical married couple's date night into a venue that I find thoroughly enjoyable and my husband has grown accustomed to. Our story of how we came to be in a female led relationship is a story I will gladly share at a later time. In the mean time, let me explain how a dominant wife directs and oversees the feminization process of her husband for Date Night. And girls, I have to tell you you of my immense satisfaction I feel when my husband is at my side, properly groomed, powdered, perfumed, dressed and made glossy while under my control.

Sandy, or Sandra as I prefer to call him on Date Night, is now fully conforming to my needs and whims after nurturing and structuring my him into such an adorable creature. It is well worth the effort to develop your hubby into an obedient partner who intently listens when you speak and doesn't need to be told twice to do what is expected of him. Of course you should expect to experience a normal male reaction when you introduce your partner to the feminization process. PDQ letters are a rich source of ides and techniques to get him started and adjusted. Date Night might be considered a milestone of sorts - it follows the introduction, training, and domestic duty phases and should be considered a culmination, a reward for both of you. Despite this, there may be some trepidation felt and you will need to use your nurturing skills to help him through these fears. You might get some backlash from your husband, just like you probably did when you were nearing the culmination of his Initial training. You've left him no way out with no way to undo or negotiate since you are firmly in control but there can be crying, begging and sobbing but is it best no to raise your voice or make threats. Rather, empathize with him and mother him gently to gain his trust and compliance. It is, after all, a big step to go from in-home feminization to underdressed femininity while stepping out. Once you achieve your goals, your husband will be completely but subtly groomed and underdressed from chest to toe, sometimes with restrictive garments and devices in place. I'd like to emphasize that for maximum effect your spouse should be completely sober and drug-free, so they can fully comprehend the situation you've placed them in and realize that 'staying with the program' is the only option, and with your loving support, one that will led to later delights.

While it seems that some women are in favor in 'outting' their feminized men to their friends I must caution you that this can backfire on you in so many ways no explanation is needed. After careful consideration and some consultation with professionals, I decided that there was no real merit in making the kinkier side of our lives known and long term such a move would be detrimental to something built on trust and acceptance. So, ours is a very private relationship and none of our friends or relatives have the remotest idea what is going on between us. This secret contributes to the fire of our bond. Since Date Night gets you both out of the house, it adds a degree of risk and uncertainty which multiplies the thrill factor for you and a myriad of emotions for the hubby. Depending on how large your circle of acquaintances is and your desire to eliminate chance encounters, you might need to drive to an area where you feel anonymous. I'd recommend this anyway for the first few outings until Ms. hubby can feel relaxed enough to cope with the situation.

The activities and destinations of our dates are no different than of any other couples looking for a fun night out. We go to plays, movies, art galleries, bars, and of course restaurants. We're usually out for 4 or 5 hours and wrap things up by 11pm so we can get home to lounge and relax a bit before turning in. Sometimes we'll slip away to a larger city for Date Night, and we'll turn it in to a mini trip, booking a room, and catching daytime cultural activities or shopping.

We tend to dress up with a little extra style and pizazz because nothing makes you feel as good as being out and looking like a million bucks. Plays, operas, and concerts see me in my finest semi formals or cocktail attire, while Sandra's outer wear is the typical boring male wear - shirts or sweater and slacks, maybe a sport coat, or a traditional men's suit. We tend to sit away from crowds when possible and prefer muted lighting, so the hints of Sandra's predicament cause the least amount of looks or comments. You see, if you were to engage us in passing for few moments nothing would seem out of the ordinary but if the conversation lingered you'd eventually start to see some interesting details of Sandra's presentation. If you could peer underneath the jacket or sweater, or look at her hands or face under bold lighting you might be utterly confused - or maybe you'd look at me with a knowing smile, wink, or smirk of approval.

Under my tutelage and direction, Sandra starts to prepare hours before our date. After a second and very close facial shave, Sandra applies depilatory cream from the neck down and I help with the hard to reach areas. A few touch ups are usually required with her Lady Schick razor in order to become perfectly smooth. A shower rinse-off is followed by a soak in the tub with softening and conditioning oils. Once out and patted dry, she applies body powder and a trace of the same perfume she'll use after being dressed. Sandra then sits in a comfortable chair while I indulge her with a facial and a pedicure. If needed, I'll re-groom her eyebrows with a few plucks here and there. I've long ago eliminated the bushy eyebrows and they are neat with just a hint of shape that is neither feminine or masculine. Later, when the eyebrow pencil is applied, it's an instant transformation to gender neutral to women's brows. We sometimes wear the same polish on our toes - always bright colored and shiny - this. offsets her fingernails since she'll be doing her own nails next in clear or a subdued shade such as nude. Sometimes I'll swap out the bottle for a more risqué translucent finish with a bit of pink.

Freshly bathed, powered and perfumed, Sandra will be instructed to proceed to her dressing station where she will find the finery I have preselected for the evening. Before she dresses herself, and If I'm feeling in the mood, I will administer and secure her in the stainless steel chastity cage with urethral insert. Then I will warm, lubricate and insert her posterior stainless plug. That's not always necessary but is a nice option, as is the undergarment choices. Underdressing can either be only feminine underthings in satin, silk, and nylon or can add the restrictive and uncomfortable option of a tight open bottom or panty girdle with suspenders tabs plus a tight custom fitted longline bra. For Date Night, Sandra's brassiere cup size depends on her outer ware. It can range from an AA cup when she wears a cami and a shirt, to a B cup when wearing a suit coat. The girdle and longline bra attire are so restrictive that I generally just select these when the venue is such that she will not have to bend or twist unnecessarily, such as when going to a theatre performance. The garment's restrictive nature is such that I assist by rolling up her nylons and clipping them to the garters. When less restrictive attire is involved, she will reach into her lingerie draw and get a fresh package of pantyhose. I love to watch her go through the motions of bunching up and slipping on the nylons on her freshly shaven and lotioned legs. At this point in the preparation we usually pause for a spot of tea and to give her(him!) a moment to reflect on her situation, realize who is in charge, and understand that my control is total and she had better completely toe the line. At this stage Sandra is beginning to look adorable. Now, we just have to add makeup, outerwear and a few accessories.

When going out, one must err on the side of caution and be somewhat conservative with makeup and accessories lest her face or general appearance become a dead giveaway that he is a feminized male. We go light on the facial makeup but you can be sure it is applied To gently enhance her apprentice. A lightweight liquid foundation is applied and usually finished with Bare Minerals products or a transparent powder. Blush is out of the question as it draws too much attention. Fortunately eye makeup comes in a complete spectrum of hues and we usually use a virtually transparent eyeliner and mascara products. I should stop here to mention that when we are staying at home and are not expecting company, her makeup products and techniques cannot be distinguished from any fashion-conscious mature woman's. Just writing this makes me beam with pride knowing that Sandra is a work of my own mind and hands.

Past the application of makeup we are just about done now, the ho-hum male clothes are fitted over her feminine attire. Accessories while in male-mode are kept to a minimum least a tell-tale sign show. A feminine watch, maybe a bracelet and perhaps a ring are added. Sandra will sometimes wear earrings but since her hair is shorter it is next to impossible to disguise. I almost forgot - we have had good luck in finding female shoes that go with several ensembles. By themselves, they are obviously feminine but once slipped on under her trousers only a peep of femininity occasionally shows. For semi formal and formal occasions, I have procured for Sandra a pair of patent flats that are almost identical to the high end formal male Italian loafers that cost several hundred dollars. When I'm feeling particularly randy, I'll substitute her 2" black patents that have more of a pointy toe and vamp and let the poor dear think about them with every step through the evening.

The last step before going out the door is for both of us to step in front of of our brightly lit full length mirror array to check our handiwork. I then go to my purse and pull out Sandra's mini bag. She expertly applies the subdued lipstick and/or gloss chosen for the night and hands her bag back to me. She'll be using her bag's compact and lipstick throughout the evening whenever i ask her to 'freshen up'.

In closing, we are a very happy couple - he(she?) is happily managed and directed, and I am happily in control. Ladies, If you haven't experienced the thrill and boundless pleasure that a feminized husband can bring you, what are you waiting for?

Emily D.
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