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Hi, Mistress Alison,


My name is Maya and I am from India. One day while I was surfing net I was searching for petticoat design, here In India it's a cloth worn by ladies under saree looks like long skirt which ties at waist there I found website Petticoated discipline quarterly and there I got introduced to world of petticoating and feminization, I was really unaware about all this and never thought that anything like this ever exists as In India husband and Males are considered very powerful and supreme authority and we women work whole life for them as their slave. I found the stories very interesting and love the concept as whole but have doubt that is it possible for me to force feminize my husband Ravi.

Here, in India even if I talk to my husband in high pitch voice then it seems like crime and my husband will definitely going to hit me as punishment and after marriage also I was slapped by him on my minor mistakes and on few occasions without any mistakes .

I have your expert advice in PDQ and loved your each and every words and advice given to different person, you seems to be a long practitioner of the same, thus thought to seek help and advice from you.

Let me tell you my background, I'm married with my husband Ravi from last 5 years and it's an arrange marriage. He works in model agency so always busy with girls and whenever he is at home he never helps me in any of housework always, just sit on couch and watch TV or play games on mob or chatting on phone, I am also working in account department and I do get tired after full day but he never helps and if I say anything loudly then he always counters it with more voice, then abuse or sometimes slapped. So,

I have few questions for you -

1. Is the really possible for me as a simple Indian women to make my husband my sissy maid? As India is one of most conservative country of world and here men are treated as God with supreme power, So what's the probability.

2. If yes then how should I achieve.... means what should I do or what strategy should I adopt, pls give advice.

3. I do feel very jealous as he is always busy with models even at home always on call or chat or internet, I just work like slave and he just sit and talk to different models and makes plan to meet one or other everytime, I do get tired of his excuses whenever I questions so is this pdq or forced feminization can help to get rid of these models.

After reading your advices at PFQ, I really want to transform my husband to my sissy maid so can you suggest me how can I train my husband to become my sissy maid and will love to hear about you personally if you don't mind to share.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Love and regards

Dear Maya

Thank you for your letter, one of an increasing number I am now receiving from India, where women are, at long last, beginning to reject the traditional role forced upon them. But such change takes time and even here in the UK many professional Indian women, doctors, accountants and the like, defer to their husbands and sons at home and are taken for granted by them.

At first your letter made me feel sad for you, but the more I read the more angry I became. No man has the right to hit his wife or indeed any other woman and it is high time things changed.

I can assure you that it is perfectly possible for an Indian woman to petticoat and sissify her husband and there have been several letters published in PDQ from Indian woman who have done just that, as you will see from the April issue. However, it will be an uphill struggle because as you rightly say India is one of the most conservative and patriarchal societies in the world. The first change you need to make is with yourself, and again this will be easier for me to say that for you to do. You have to overcome centuries of tradition and the conditioning of your own upbringing and stop thinking, and behaving, like some downtrodden second class citizen and turn yourself into a cross between a warrior princess and a hungry tigress stalking her prey.

Coincidentally I have just sent a reply to an Englishwoman who asked how she could transform her partner, but it won't be published before August and most of it is irrelevant to your case as there is absolute no chance that Ravi will respond to reason or will be persuaded to change his ways in order to make you happy. But part of it is relevant, the bit about using blackmail to get him to obey her. What I told her was, "In order to blackmail him into acquiescence you have to manoeuvre him into a compromising position, preferably involving him wearing female underwear and ideally with a female witness, comprehensively photograph it and threaten to publish the pictures on the internet, send them to his family, his friends and his work place. It is especially effective if your witness/partner in crime makes the same threat because although he might be able to threaten you or brazen it out by claiming he was set up, having an "independent" corroboration of your version of events will make this much harder. Because he prides himself on his so called masculinity he will be far more susceptible to anything that might damage his self image as a real man and therefore far more vulnerable. If you have used alcohol to break down his inhibitions and make him less aware of what is happening, then this might be a good time to lock him into chastity something I regard as a sine qua non for an FLR. Once you have him safely under lock and key he will be far more amenable to doing your bidding / obey your instructions in order to gain release and sexual relief."

To reduce that to a simple formula you have to either a) trick him into doing something he wouldn't want known or b) get him drunk and lock him in chastity before he wakes up. That might sound impossible but I think you may have some allies you have overlooked. He works for a model agency and the chances are he treats the models just as badly as he treats you. Try and make friends with them and seek their help. If they are in on the secret it will give them power over him which will mean they will get better treatment and probably more work so it will be in their interests as well as yours. If two young, pretty models plied him with alcohol and told him it would be a big turn on for them to see him in a sari or a salwar suit then his ego will probably be big enough for him to be fooled. A photo of him dressed like that, maybe with a bindi or other obvious make up will be all you need. The threat of his family and male friends seeing it, and all the other models at the agency laughing at him will be enough to bring him to heel.

Alternatively when he is asleep, or drunk, lock him into chastity and post the keys to friend or relative so there is no way he can get them back when he wakes up. Then tell him how he has got to change before you will even think about letting him out. You need to be prepared to stand up to his shouting and threats, but remember he is basically a bully and all bullies are cowards. Threaten him back by saying you will tell everybody he asked you to lock him up and that in private he likes dressing in female underwear and having you spank his bottom or treating him like a baby, and the evidence is there for all to see locked around his genitals. He won't like the idea of his brothers and male friends thinking he is anything less that the big macho man. When his threats fail he will probably move on to wheedling and promising to change, but he will be lying so ignore him. Finally he will trying pleading and begging which you should likewise ignore. He has got to understand that you are now in charge and from now on he is going to do as you tell him.

Whatever you decide I would strongly advise you to get a riding crop or a cane and if he tries to hit you again simply hit him back with it. If he threatens you with the police say it was justifiable self defence and that you will tell them that normally he likes you whipping him because he is a sissy and you have the photos to prove it. When you have him in your power use it frequently so he can see what it is like to be on the receiving end for a change.

Finally the more female friends you have who know about it the better, invite them round frequently and have him serve them. This will reinforce your power and be good conditioning for him.

I hope this helps and wish you good luck.

Yours sincerely
Mistress Alison

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