Timothy woke early, and found as usual he was fully erect. Nothing out of the ordinary for a healthy eighteen year old, and so, as was his practice now since puberty, he masturbated. He would fantasize on several things, one, being the new styled rubber mackintosh that he saw being worn with much more regularity, the other of being controlled by his Aunt, whom he had been sent to live with, after his only parent, his Father had sadly passed away in 1929

He of course had no idea why these things attracted his fantasy thinking, but he envisaged being made to wear a rubber mackintosh and being punished in various ways by his "Aunt" a similar lady and it was strange that when they were in church, he always, on purpose, hesitated to kneel so that his "Aunt" would say ''kneel this instant Timmy" this he loved and would erect just by these words, he would put his hands together in the prayer position and imagine they were strapped together, this gave him a wonderful feeling

Perhaps at this stage of Timothy's forced regression it should be explained that his so called "Aunt" was only really an old family friend. A Miss Jane Carrington, who many years ago had, had a relationship with Timothy's Father but the relationship finished when he married Timothy's mother. So perhaps it could be assumed that his "Aunt" was just a bit more than a family friend and her being the only living person of her family was the recipient of the proceeds of the sale of large country estate.Therefore the middle aged spinster was of very generous circumstances and was well able to allow the boy not to pursue any kind of occupation. She mostly left him to his own devices.

It should also be explained he was of slight build and rather pretty for a boy and hated any kind of sport or rough physical activity, thus he could be described as more effeminate than boyish. His Aunt had provided for him very well and as long as he was obedient and respectful they had a good relationship. When younger he had been spanked and slippered when he was naughty and she had always insisted that when she entered the room he was required to stand and place his hands behind his back, she said it was to show respect, at first he resented it, but not knowing why he came to find he liked the feeling it gave him.

His Aunt, seemed to take up most of her time with the local church activities and as long as he attended church with her and was obedient to those wishes she seemed to be happy with him but unbeknown to the boy, she had become increasingly agitated at Emma the maid reporting semen stains on the bed linen. Emma took pleasure in reporting him, she considered him very soft for a young man and thought he should be subjected to some sort of discipline, or even made to work, and could quite happily smacked his sissy face, had she had that authority. His Aunt, while she understood this was a habit that young boys engaged in, thought she should do something about it.

That very next day there was a church council meeting on the general affairs and upkeep of the church, but when the meeting finished she stayed behind to have a word with Miss Bragton the vicar, and told her of Timothy's masturbation habits. The vicar, looked thoughtful and after a short pause,said "how is his general behaviour'? Is he respectful and obedient or do you think it could be improved?" Miss Carrington, replied, ''considering your question Vicar I now look back at his behaviour and think it is a bit strange he seems to spend quite a bit of the time in the village looking rather too intently in shop windows, especially the Chemist and haberdashery, which puzzles me".

The vicar, sat back, pondering for a while, then said "It seems to me he might have some kind off fetish, this would explain the looking at the shop windows, which is unusual for a young man of his age plus the compulsive masturbation. I suggest you say nothing to him at the moment, I will try to watch him when we are both in the village. He is in the village most days, Miss Carrington said. The Vicar stood up, good she said, then we will try to find out what is going on.

Timothy was up at his usual time and joined his Aunt at breakfast, during breakfast, she casually said "going into the village to dear? if you do you will need a coat as it's raining." She looked thoughtful, really I ought to but you a mackintosh. he suddenly felt his face colouring up at the thought of wearing a mackintosh out in public he felt people would know he was wearing it because it made him erect, so he pretended to consider this,and said no it's alright Aunt I'll put my coat on. I am not bother by the rain. Now he knew he would be going into the village as very often on rainy days the were ladies in mackintoshes, so this was surely something to look forward to.

The vicar went into the village and was wearing her black rubberized mackintosh the hood pulled up the hood tapes tied beneath her chin, a colour in keeping with her usual church clothing. Having done her shopping then went to the Spindle tea house, quite popular with the village ladies, hanging her wet mackintosh on the stand, she sat by the window drinking her tea and just watching as the villagers hurrying past against the steady rain. Then she saw Timothy, wandering seemingly in no particular direction, and apparently oblivious of the rain, she watched his face to see where he was really looking and it occurred to her that when a lady walked past in a mackintosh his gaze seemed to follow her.

The vicar had heard of a fetish for rubberized clothing but had never encountered it. By the look of what the boy was doing, this now seemed a distinct possibility. She quickly finished her tea, paid the bill and slipped into her mackintosh and taking her shopping basket quickly walked across the road catching up with Timothy. He half turned and tipping his hat said "Good morning vicar''. Hello Timothy she replied, not a very nice morning, but I had some shopping to do so I had to turn out. How are you, and I hope your Aunt is well?, Yes quite well thank you, he replied, your shopping looks heavy may I carry your basket for you? I am going past the vicarage. She handed him the basket, saying yes thank you the days of chivalry are obviously not over, such a thoughtful young man.

This made him feel good and besides his main purpose was to walk beside a lady dressed in a mackintosh, he felt a pleasant warm stirring in his penis and knew his pants would be wet with from the juices caused by this pleasant feeling, as they reached the vicarage, the vicar said "would you like to come in for a cup of tea? This was more than he could hope for, that would be very kind than you, he replied, anything to remain in this mackintoshed lady's company for a bit longer.

They soon arrived at the vicarage and on entering the vicar said! Would you be so kind as to hang my mackintosh in the utility room, it's just down the hall. I will pop upstairs and get out of these wet things. Perhaps you would like to hang your wet coat up also, then I will make tea. Timothy was only too willing to take the mackintosh from her, he already had a large erection pushing his trousers out, but he knew she could not see because of his coat as he reached the utility room his penis was almost ready to explode, what with the feel and smell of the mackintosh, he hurriedly pulled his trousers undone and thrust his penis into the soft smooth rubber of the mackintosh lining and on entering the room rubbed vigorously and had to muffle his moan of pleasure as his semen spurted in the silky folds of soft rubber.

Suddenly a voice behind him shrieked out,''What on earth are you doing, you filthy wicked, perverted boy?... He almost fainted with shock, caught completely off guard he stood stock still with fright, still clutching the mackintosh round his penis

The Vicar snatched the mackintosh from him and threw in on the floor, get out of my house immediately, I'm calling the police at once, you can expect a visit from them by the time you are home, goodness knows what you poor Aunt will Say? She turned sharply away and down the hall to the telephone, Timothy rushed behind her saying PLEASE, PLEASE. I BEG YOU, don't call the police I promise I will never do such a thing again, tears were now streaming down his face, it flashed through his mind the shame and humiliation it would bring and his Aunt's reaction, he dare not think.

By now the vicar had the phone in her hand, but seemed to waver and hesitated. She spoke. I'm absolutely furious with you to do such a thing in my house you despicable wretch but I suppose I should first do your Aunt the curtsy of calling her before the police, she then dialed. Timothy could hear his Aunt answer the phone. The vicar said "Jane dear could you please come to the vicarage immediately, I have a serious problem with Timothy and need you here as soon as possible, we need to discuss a situation that has occurred. She turned to Timothy, if you have any hope of staying out of prison for indecent exposure then you will now do exactly as I say, I am not having you run away so I will shut you in the cupboard beneath the stairs until your Aunt arrives.

Timothy hung his head in shame, and mumbled as you wish vicar but please I won't try to run away. Her mind was made up as to how she was to handle this situation. No she said you will go in the cupboard until your Aunt gets here and I have discussed what is to happen to you, with that she took hold of his arm and walked him along to the hall cupboard opening the door she pushed him in and said you will now kneel and reflect on your behaviour until we decide what to do about you. He dare not resist and submissively knelt in the gloomy cupboard. She spoke again, no, not facing the door you will face the wall. He shuffled round quickly to comply. Hands behind you back and do not move, again he complied. He heard the door closing behind him and the sound of a key turning. He was locked in the darkness, strangely he felt an excitement, despite his apprehension as to what was going to happen and he felt a stirring in his penis, perhaps it is being made to kneel with his hands behind his back, he did not know.

At last heard voices and assumed his Aunt had arrived, it seemed ages kneeling there and he could hear the mumble of voices, after a while the cupboard door opened. The vicar said "well at least you've been obedient enough to stay in that position, you can come through to the drawing room your Aunt is waiting. On entering the drawing room his Aunt sat looking very angry indeed, before he could say anything, she said "how dare you shame and humiliate me in this way''. He hung his head and tried to say he was sorry, but she cut him short. The Vicar has told me she intends to call the police and quite rightly so, but we have been discussing what will happen and you can consider yourself very lucky that there is an alternative, but before I tell you what it is I am not going to sit here and look up to you, you will kneel in front of the fireplace with you hands clasped behind you back you will do this to at least show some humility and repentance.

The proposal is this, and this is your only chance of staying out of a prison cell. The vicar and I have come to the conclusion that you are in need of medical advice and guidance, so Doctor Edwards will be called in immediately to give advice on your condition and to advise on on the best way to proceed.

One. You will continue to live in my house, but under the strict supervision and control, this will prevent a reoccurrence of what has taken place here today.

Two. You will accept without question, any instruction or advice from Doctor Edwards.

Three. You will be dressed as I direct.

Four. You will submit to any medical procedures that is deemed necessary.

Five. You will now never be allowed out of the house unless under the strict supervision of myself or as I suspect a nanny or Governess

She paused, looking at the vicar said "Do you think that adequately covers the conditions you require not to call the police vicar? After a slight hesitation the vicar said yes, I think that is satisfactory. But I would like to put in the condition that his behaviour in reviewed in six months time and if I think he is not cooperating fully in his treatment, then I reserve the right to call the police. Yes, his Aunt said, I fully agree.

She looked at Timothy, after a pause, she said "Well Timothy, now it's up to you, you have a choice of prison or agree to the conditions stated the vicar and myself have outlined for you? He hesitated, his mind working overtime, and started to say but I'm eighteen years old. A nanny? The vicar interrupted him, there will be no discussion, you either accept these conditions of you go to prison, I cannot put it any plainer than that. He hung his head knowing he had no choice.

He thought for a few seconds, then said yes I will accept. The vicar spoke "you realize there in now no going back, this he knew and mumbled yes vicar. Louder she said again he complied in a loud voice "yes, vicar. I understand''. He was now completely trapped and in the hands of these ladies.

To Be Continued
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