I am writing because my mother told me to. Mother has gotten very upset with my nasty habit of having brown stains in the back of my underpants. She also found the same stain in my sister's best panties. Mother said she knew Bonny would never have such a thing, She said she knew how the stains got in my sister's panties and made me confess that I had been wearing Bonny's panties. Mother said since I wanted to be a girl then so it would be. Mother and Bonny spent the whole last week of school doing some shopping. Since Mother owns a restaurant and she needed a new waitress I would be a good little waitress and I might even get a lot of tips from the naughty boys who come there to eat.

They spent one whole weekend dressing me in different outfits and teaching me how to take orders from the construction workers. Bonny told me how that some times the men pinch her butt or lift up her dress. I began to cry and yell I am not a girl I am a boy. Mother took me across her knee and spanked me until I said I was a sissy girl and wanted the men to pinch my butt and peek up my skirt. Well after a week of training I started work on Monday. I was dressed in a pair of ruffled panties and a matching bra. The bra had some kind of gel pack in each cup that made me look really big in that area. I had to wear a pink blouse and a very short school girl skirt. The last thing beside shoes was one of the pads women wear called panties shields only they were put in the back of my panties.

I was almost crying when the door was open for business and several men who worked for a construction company came in. The one guy pinched my butt while I was taken his order I screamed like a little girl. All the men laughed at me. Many of them lifted the back of my skirt and would say I would love to get some of that butt. Mother did not help she said that my name was Sissy and that I was hired because I liked making men happy.

Then came the boys from school who did not know it was me waiting on them. One guy walked up behind me and pulled me to his chest and kissed me on the lips and said he wanted some fun and ask if I would go to the movies with him. Mother yelled she like the back seats at the movies.

The whole summer was humiliation after humiliation. One of the boys found out about me and I begged him not to tell the others and he promised he would not tell if I would be his girlfriend. Needless to say I was used and the boy made me get on my knees ever time we went on a date and after school started back it continued until graduation then I never saw him again.

Believe me I never left stains in my underpants after that summer.


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