I was ten when my family moved to a house in the country. I seems that my Dad had been caught embezzling funds from the bank he worked for over ten years. Right after we moved there he left us, by us I mean my Mum and I. We moved the summer of nineteen fifty four. I was not very good at social skills, my mum often reminded me of his short comings, she also often told me I was a sissy and if I did not pull myself together she would make me her daughter since males are liars and cheats.

That summer I met Barb and she took me to the creek and taught me to swim. I got in trouble at the creek the first time I went there. I was sliding down a rope and fell. I was hurt and began to cry. Barb said that I was not to be such a sissy and buck up. I tried to stop but with the pain and humiliation concerning crying in front of a girl, I cried all the more. Barb went to a bush and hid in a second she returned with the panties she had been wearing and she ordered me to put them on. I took them and threw them in the creek. Before I knew it I was tossed over her lap and she was spanking me on my naked butt. Barb then told me to stop or I would be very sorry. I did stop and she said from now on I would be wearing her day before panties, meaning her dirty ones. She took my torn underpants and threw them up in a tree. They waved in the wind and she laughed and said now you have no boy underpants. I yelled I have some at home, she said no you don't. I ran home after putting on my pants and shirt.

When I got home I saw Barb's mum and mine tossing things in the fire pit. I saw my underpants burning. I ran to my room only to find my closet filled with sissy dresses and later found out they were Barb's clothes from when she was eight years old. The dresses had ruffles and bows on them. The panties were thick cotton and had little animals on the front and butt. Mum and Barb's Mum came in behind me, Mum said I would be her daughter for the rest of my life or until she died. She swore she would never have another male living in her house.

I spent he rest of the summer learning to be a girl. When school started I was enrolled as Suzy Smith and I was also made to take gym classes with the girls. Not long after school started the boys found out about my wearing girls clothes. They teased me and when I went in the boys restrooms they would say how pretty I was and that I needed a boyfriend. I ran home every day until my mother found out I was running and told not to run and be more lady like.

One day at school a boy name Tom kept teasing me and I hit him and he went to the office crying. His mother was called down and she was mad at him for letting a girl beat him up then she found out I was a boy. The next day Tom or Tammy he was called all that year was dressed in his sister's uniform.

Our teachers told all the boys if they were naughty they too would be dressed like Tom and I. Before years end only one boy was wearing male clothes but all of us had an A average in all of our classes including Home Ec.

I went in the Army after graduation. After being in for a year Barb and my Mum came to visit and I was told that Barb had decided to marry me. We moved into a house in the town near bass. No one ever found out but when I was at home I was Suzy. Leaving the Army I went to work at Barb's Hair Solon. Yes I was dressed in women's clothes and it was my job to do nails and makeup. Many women found out I was Barb's wife and they loved coming to me to get their nails done. They often asked questions about why I wore dresses and some even made their husbands their sissy maids.

I love my life as Suzy. Thanks for all

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