from Alain

Dear Auntie Helga,

On the occasion of sending my drawings on the subject of feminization, you asked me to tell you about my personal experience. I do not have the epistolary talent of most of your contributors, but I will try.

First of all, I did not know my father and my youth was spent in a women's environment: my mother, of course, and her sister-in-law, a very young widow. Both of them were very affectionate to me, but were pretty strict. I was thirteen when I had my first humbling experience. My aunt had surprised me in pajamas, caressing me, while leafing through one of these catalogs, where ladies were posing in lingerie, (It must be said that at that time we were not yet talking about tights). She loosed quickly the cord of my pants that fell on my ankles and in a jiff of I found myself lying across her thighs. She began to slam my ass hard. I begged her in vain while my mother alerted by the sound of the spanking and my complaints made her entry. While continuing the punishment, aunt gave her the reason. However, in this position, my little virility rubbed on the legs of my dominatrix, so that she gave my mother a curious outgrowth of this part of my anatomy. This remark made them laugh and put an end to the spanking. When I got up my modest manhood filled them with joy and attracted me some extra mockery.

Since then I must admit that I received some good spankings of this style, for pretexts more or less futile, because they seemed to have taken a taste. Mom and aunt Elodie often received ladies for tea parties, where the last gossip was reviewed. These discussions did not interest me, and I went to my room, after having saluted them. However, I was then sixteen, they had invited a new friend, a beautiful woman of thirty years and this time I returned to the living room after making myself comfortable. The lady was sitting to my left, my mother in front and in the heat of the discussion, Regine, it was his name, had crossed his legs high enough to reveal the birth of his garters. I was fascinated by the show, until my mother challenged me violently, wondering what I was watching. My face instantly flushed, while my mom was pulling pants and underpants over my ankles, I was forced to kneel on the chair paralyzed by my aunt who had grabbed my wrists. This time it was terrible, mother who had grabbed a brush with long-sleeved coat, assaulted me with a series of blows that ripped me off screaming. I had lost all modesty when bare legs, I was sent back to my room.

Madame L. a real shrew was informed of this adventure. She said that one of her friends had found nothing better than to dress her boyfriend as a girl to let him know what it was like to be the prey of other women's eyes. This idea delighted mother and aunt, so that I was not long in finding myself disguised, in the middle of two or three mocking ladies at tea time. They do not generate themselves to pass their hands under my skirts and more than once I was in a delicate situation.

Before I left for college in the main city, I met Mr. B. A fat jolly gentleman who accompanied one of these ladies and before them, he deflowered me ...

But this may be a bit inconvenient, so I'll stop there.

Your devoted Alain, aka MICHEL DELMAS

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Thank you for your letter Alain. We are so fortunate to have readers and contributors from all over the world, our regulars will recognize Monsieur Delmas as one of our favorite artists

What a fascinating story and though even at the time it might have been traumatic later in life you have used this experience to provide inspiration for your fabulous artwork. Perhaps reliving it vicariously through your expression.

Auntie Helga

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