Letter 7
From Sean

Dear Susan,

I was very surprised to find your site, and especially pleased. I am 52 and had been raised by my mom after my dad died when I was four. Growing up with just her, I was allowed to watch her getting dressed, and loved the look of her putting on her most frilly underclothes. It was so natural to look at how pretty she was. It also made me very curious about how they would feel on me. The very first time I thought Mom was busy, I decided to try one of her slips on. I found a beige full slip hanging up in the bathroom, and proceeded to undress and slip it on. As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, I didn't see Mom standing behind me until I heard her say, 'You look very pretty'.

I was so embarrassed and I did not know what to do. Mom did not say anything, just turned and left the room. I thought she would be furious and I was in for a long talk or worse, but still nothing was said. The next morning when I got up, my mom and her sister were at the kitchen table. When I came downstairs, they both giggled, and as I ate breakfast my Aunt told me that my mom had told her what I had done. I could feel my face getting beet red when they both said, don't worry about it. My Aunt then proceeded to tell me about an article that she had read about "Petticoat Training". She explained it was about young boys who were getting near puberty, and beginning to be too much for their mothers to handle...that there was a way for them to be nicer, calmer and more loving toward the females in their lives. And since I had already shown a desire to try girls' clothes on, it was time they helped me fulfill a suppressed desire.

My aunt had a daughter who was three years older than me, and I soon found out what they had in mind. They lead me to Mom's room, and there laying on the bed was a pile of my cousin Debbie's clothes. They were sorted out by dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, slips, petticoats and some underwear. I was both afraid of what this all meant, and excited.

They had me dress for them in one of her pretty pink dresses so they could see what I looked like. The feel was something that I will never forget, as the dress went over my head and slowly flowed down my body. It transformed me at that instant, a deep seated feeling came over me, one of excitement, and sheer delight. Unlike many others I have read about, that were forced to do this, I never felt forced. I especially enjoyed what they were doing and I know that they realized that too.

Also unlike others who were made to dress all the time, I was not. I attended school as a boy, but lived my life at home as a girl. We even went away on vacations, during which time I spent the entire time as a girl. This continued until I graduated from high school and went off to college. It was a part of my life that helped me become a better person. One who appreciated things that I would otherwise have never understood. I was also fortunate to have meet a wonderful girl in college, to whom one night I had the courage to tell about my upbringing. She was fascinated with it so much, and she had many talks with my mom and aunt about their reasons for it.

I have found your publication very interesting. Both my wife Stefanie and I have enjoyed your site. Thanks for making this a part of real life, as it should be.

Sean in Rhode Island, USA

Yes, I am interested in making petticoat discipline a part of real life, and that is why the magazine is primarily a forum for letters rather than stories. Stories are confined to the special Christmas Annual. Your aunt was clearly of the old school, and appreciated the benefits of petticoat discipline for boys. And my kindest regards to dear Stefanie, to have found someone who understands your needs makes you a very lucky man.

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