from Chris

Dear Auntie Helga,

You wanted to know what happens so I am back to share with you. Sara called me just before 6pm after the UP* truck delivered the Victorian maid outfits. I was hoping they didn't come today. Sara was very excited to look at them but before I tried them on I had to iron them with the aprons. Sara sent me to put on my stockings and one of the slips she bought me. Sara helped me put on one of the Victorian blouses with the buttons in the back. She showed me how to put on and tie the apron after I put on the long skirt.

Sara held up the high heels she bought so I put them on and then a mop cap. She said I looked so pretty and better than she thought I would when she ordered the outfits. Sara walked with me outside on the deck to have a good look at me. I on the other hand looked in the mirror with a surprise. To me I look like someone from the past and more like a guy than a Victorian maid. Then again all the pictures I have seen so far most Victorian maids were not that feminine. Sara looked at me then let me know as of then I was her Victorian maid and she was very excited.

The only thing I can say is the Victorian blouse, skirt and apron show off my feminine like figure thanks to corseting. Sara will have to help me put on the blouses with the buttons in the back and take it off each night. I like the long skirt since I never wore one before. The shoes with heels will take some getting used to but thankfully they are not super high heels. Sara shared that it won't take long for me to adapted to wearing my new outfit and before long I will enjoy it. It's nice to have a wife who has goals and supports the decision she made for me to be her Victorian maid. It doesn't mean I am thrilled but I will give Sara credit for taking matters into her own hands to make this happen.

This morning Sara had another surprise for me when she put this chastity thing made of shining steel on my penis. I begged her not to lock it on and that I was going to wear the Victorian outfit. In typical Sara style she didn't say anything until it was locked in place. Then she looked up at me to let me know Victorian maids don't need sex to do their job. Sara helped me get dressed and do the buttons up on my blouse. Before I know it I was ready to get to work.

While I was making Sara breakfast she told me her great grandmother was a Victorian maid. I had never heard the story before so when Sara told me I understood more why she wanted me to be her maid. Sara told me of the hardships her great grandmother had with no machines to wash or dry clothes. She showed me a picture of a Victorian maid on her knees washing the floor. Sara said she didn't expect me to live the way the Victorian maids did years ago but she expected I was going to be her hard working maid from here on.

I asked Sara if I did something wrong all these years to trigger he to want me as her maid. She answered back with a no however she always had an interest in dominating me through petticoating so the Victorian maid part was an added bonus to help her remember her great grandmother. We have plans with family next weekend so I asked what about the plans. Sara confirmed we did and we will keep the plans as Sara and Chris until we get back home then I am back to my maid life. I have a day full of work to do but wanted to let you know what happened. Sara went to return a couple of items so I washed the kitchen floor and it is dry now.

Thank you,

While its true some Victorian maids did not look that feminine, after all they were merely servants and from lower classes back in the day. Its obviously a look she loves and perhaps has been thinking about this since she was a little girl. Now her dreams and fantasies are coming alive and your willingness to submit speaks volumes to your devotion.

Auntie Helga

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