from Audrey

Dear Helga,

I took your advice and started parading around in a very slinky VS lingerie to get Steve's attention. This took 5 days but he was so horny that he finally relented and put on my older pair of pink panties that is after he got some sugar. I masturbated him through his panties to ejaculation soaking his panties.

I changed his panties for a dry pair and affixed 2 ultra thin maxi pads, at first he complained but I told that they were necessary to absorb semen stains and other nocturnal emissions. We will be shopping this weekend for Steve's new panties.

When I first met Steve he past my biggest test, a true mark of a man. With all men I date if he gets a third date I give them my biggest test, on the way home I stop by my local pharmacy and ask them to pop in to pick up a few items, including maxi pads, tampons and liners, most men simply refuse my request and after the date I never see them again. Steve was one of the few exceptions and has done it monthly since being together.

I require my boyfriend's to do this because I suffer from extreme cramps and a 6 day period, sometimes staying in bed for 2 or 3 days. Midol and other pain relievers only provide minimal relief, the only thing that is effective is oral and g-spot stimulation during pms and clitoral after my period starts. Steve also provides intimate care by changing my pads and tampons when required.If my man refuses to pick up my feminine hygiene items he definitely won't provide intimate care.

Steve looks cute wearing his pink panties and maxi pads, step one is complete. I would like to turn Steve into a housewife, that is if he's not going to look for work. So whats next, bra, panty hose or a cute blouse and cami to match his panties. I'm looking forward to transforming Steve into my housewife.


Thank you for your letter Audrey. I am delighted at your progress and now it's on to the next step and here you have some choices the way I see it, either night or day. At night, a silky feminine nightie works well, wear something similar and as usual, get him to enjoy it. Of course day would be a bra, or perhaps start with a slip, you could also, since I feel you are headed towards him as wife, put him in an apron. If he helps you in the kitchen wearing just his panties, then you wouldn't want to damage them, right, so better cover them with an apron. A bra is a pretty big step for his mind and there could be some push back, you could make a game of dress-up on some rainy day I suppose.

So may ways to get where you want to go, but the journey is fun too, each small step for 'her' to the day she greets you at the door in her dress or even maids uniform, ready with a drink and a curtsy. You are doing a wonderful job and anything I can do to help, please just let me know.


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