from Carol

Dear Helga,

My name is Carol and I am a big fan of your wonderful site. I am separated from my partner of four years with a young daughter who starts school in September. I have put off writing to you for a while now regarding one of the recent letters on your site-Spotting Sissy Tendencies. I have read it more than probably any other letter on your site, closely examining some of the phrases used and, I may be wrong, but I think that I may actually be the girl the sissy speaks of in the letter.

I know the letter is written by 'sissy without a name', and I am sure you have probably had a number of emails of girls thinking they are one of the girls in the letter, but there are too many similarities for it to be coincidence. I remember flirting with a boy called Stephen at school, who one day suggested a game of dares, and laid out the ground rules. He basically said that we would each complete a dare of the others choosing as long as it

1. Stayed a secret between us

2. There were no pictures taken

3. That it involved nothing permanent.

As a show of good faith, he said he would go first. I realise now that all those conditions were tailored towards a petticoat punishment scenario.

I have always enjoyed the thought of sissies and really get a kick out of reading about their exploits and misfortunes at the hands of strong women on your site. Plus, after my own rather negative experiences with men, I am starting to fully believe in the positive outcomes of the petticoat program as well as the fun side, and that men can only be at their best when they are sissies.

Stephen wasn't girly in any way, but even after I had told him what his dare was to be, I still had my suspicions that he may have enjoyed the prospect of dressing up for me. He would often be the one to raise the topic of the dares in conversation when we were alone, saying things like 'so, what would I have to wear again? Do I absolutely have to wear the thong?' forcing me to say the things I now realise he wanted to hear. He never got as far as telling me what my dare would be.

I do remember telling him I had the perfect bra for him (white with little hearts on the cup that I thought he would look cute in) just as the letter states. The only thing that doesn't quite ring true for me is the section where he states that we almost went out. That never happened as far as I can remember, if it is the same person. We just flirted, but the dare game was as close as we actually got to sharing how we felt.

My ex gets custody of our daughter on the weekends, and since I'm currently single, I thought it might be quite fun to live out my fantasies for once and have a sissy do the chores around the house to free my weekends up/make life slightly more interesting. I was wondering if there is any chance that you may be comfortable giving me his email address so I could maybe get in touch to see if it was him and try and scare the sissy out of hiding?

However, I appreciate that even though he is a confessed sissy, you may still feel like this would possibly be a breach of confidentiality too far.

Either way, thank you. I think you do great work and I look forward to your August edition.


Thank you for your letter Carol and for your kind words about my site. I am so pleased that you have been following my site I must say that it is an incredible coincidence about Stephen, imagine the odds. I love your ideas for the dare to get things started, I also appreciate your taste in men, more and more strong confident women have come to the same conclusion.

To let my loyal readers know, I did follow up and sent an email to Stephen on Carol's behalf but the account was closed.


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