from Brenda

Dear Helga,

My fiance Greg dropped me a message to send you an email so here you go. Please excuse my briefness with everything on my plate right now I barely have time to breath some days. Now that is no fault of yours so please bare with me here. I don't imagine hearing from Greg was a normal situation or maybe you do get emails from scared little men too.

Greg admitted to communicating with you hoping for some magical answer on his future. I have heard it all for the last 24 hours and frankly tired of the whining. If it was that easy to find a worthy sissymaid the world would be a better place but as we know it isn't that easy. Let me share some personal information with you that might shed some light on Greg's future. My family owns a company that employs 90% women that is operated by my mother.

I was raised to have strong beliefs that men are only needed for child baring. After we have their children they serve no real purpose however they do make good sissymaids for us. My uncle is a sissymaid to my mothers sister and my sister transformed her former husband into her sissymaid. Some of the other women in the family use men when they need them however don't marry them. So you can see Greg's destiny is to be a sissymaid with my aunt and mothers blessing.

The initial plan was to implement that the night of our wedding except Greg was getting on my nerves the other night which led me to take matters into my own hand. He was going to do this and that like the men before him but we know the end of the story. Women always win against men. Actually Greg was easier to get into panties than I predicted and now he will wear them for the rest of his life. My mother and aunt will do the official training the week following the wedding.

I know this might be a bit harsh by your standards or other Mistresses however it has worked in our family for years. Helga if you would like to continue this let me know. Don't be surprised if I don't write often at least right now with the wedding around the corner. Between work and the wedding and I guess a new sissymaid I am filled to the brim.


Thank you for your letter Brenda. Actually I do hear from scared and just plain curious men everyday, they find the site and seek a magical answer, I do what I can.

What a fascinating family and I'm sure with their support and assistance you will have him serving you properly in no time.


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