from Merri

Dear Auntie Helga,

My Mistress is a lovely outstanding Woman and I most certainly appreciate her efforts and attention. I have of course thanked her for you. She has suggested that I send just a few pictures at a time taking care to thoroughly describe each one for your entertainment and pleasure.

10.1018 When Mistress allowed me the privilege of serving her she insisted that I look and act like an authentic female. She said that anything less than a good representation of a female domestic would detract from her pleasure and enjoyment of maid service. So she insisted that I be tutored in some of the finer points of femininity. After a day of domestic service she would often have me change clothes and then work with me on my makeup and deportment.

The attached picture was taken during one of those sessions. Mistress had me apply lipstick and blush and I am shown learning how to sit like a lady and apply eyeshadow. I'm wearing a lovely second hand dress that was discarded and given to me by my Mistress. The pretty dress was sewn for her by her beautiful Mother who, along with her many outstanding skills, is quite a talented seamstress. The dress remains a favorite of mine because she hand crafted it for my Mistress. I am quite honored when wearing it to know that my Mother-In-Law has in fact dressed me. Most sissy girls never get the opportunity to be dressed by their Mother-In-Law so I consider myself fortunate to have the dress as part of my wardrobe collection.

At the time of the photo I felt excited to be learning proper makeup technique though I was also a bit embarrassed to be doing it in front of my Mistress. Until she started giving me lessons I had always made myself up on my own and had only used Women's magazines for tips on how to do it.

In a typical makeup session I might apply, remove and reapply my makeup several times before Mistress was satisfied. I also had to sit and stand and walk like a lady once I was dressed and made-up. When I recall the lessons I don't think of them to have been at all tiresome. I enjoyed every minute of my training under the close supervision of my Mistress.

Most humbly,
Sissymaid Merri

Thank you for your letter Merri. Of course your Mistress's skills are well developed when it comes to helping you to improve your service. I'm sure you appreciate her efforts, don't you?

We would love to see further pictures of your early training, so please do thank her for me and send them on. Of course she is right, as always, about asking permission of your superiors, it is your place to serve and obey.

Auntie Helga

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