By Lesley with Art by Castre
Our fashion shows with Penelope were always a delight (for me!) as our little petticoating group took great satisfaction from finding new ways to humiliate my poor husband.

He was constantly reminded of his servile status at these gatherings and, of course, required at all times to carry out the duties of an obedient and respectful maid. Although always thoroughly petticoated in an outfit designed by one or other of my friends or relatives to maximise his frilly discomfort his humiliation was always increased by the addition of a new pinny. He would always be required to stand before the donor of this symbol of his servitude and she would take great delight in fussing around tying it firmly around his waist and ensuring the ties were equal before insisting that he curtsy prettily to each of his tormentors in turn.

Finally I would insist that he thanked the gift provider appropriately - which gratitude took on a variety of most amusing forms!

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