When I was a young boy, Mum and I used to visit my aunt Jane and my cousin Susan every other week, and they would come to us on the alternate weeks. There were often situations which could have resulted in me wearing my cousin Susan's clothes. I could easily imagine that the following could really have happened.

It was August 1957, I was seven years old, and my cousin Susan was eight. We were visiting my aunt this particular day and had gone to the local park in the afternoon so that Susan and I could play on the swings. Susan and I were enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden the skies opened and down came the rain. There was nowhere to shelter so we hurried our way back to Auntie Jane's house. Well, we all got absolutely soaked to the skin. Auntie Jane told Susan and I to get out of our wet clothes and she would organise a bath for us. Susan and I were used to bathing together so took no notice of one another when we were undressed. We went to Susan's room and were soon stripped of our wet clothes. Auntie Jane and mum had already changed their clothes when they appeared at Susan's bedroom door. Mum was wearing what I recognised as one of Auntie Jane's dresses, which she had obviously borrowed. I could hear the bath water running as Auntie Jane asked Susan and I to go with her to the bathroom. Mum said that she would go and read a book and told me to be good and do as Auntie Jane asked.

After being washed by Auntie Jane, Susan was dried first and her vest and knickers were put on her. Then it was my turn to be dried. As Auntie Jane dried me, she told me that she was sorry but I would need to borrow some of Susan's clothes to wear. I knew that there was no choice as there were obviously no boys clothes in the house. She started with the vest which felt softer than my own. Next she put a pair of knickers on me and tucked the vest inside. They felt a lot different than my own pants, which were a trunk style. The knickers had elasicated legs which made me feel a bit strange. I looked at Susan in her underwear and then looked down at what I was wearing. The underwear I was wearing was the same as Susans, white with a pink lace trim around the legs and a satin bow near the top. Susan said that I looked nice and that she liked me wearing the same underwear as her. Auntie Jane smiled at Susan and said that we should go with her to Susan's bedroom to finish getting dressed. Soon we were both dressed in flowery blouses and plain shorts which zipped up at the side. Then Auntie Jane put short white socks on us and white sendals. Susan was so excited at me being dressed in girl's clothes and hugged me saying how much she liked me to be dressed like her. It was a strange feeling, being dressed in this way, but I honestly didn't mind.

When I went to show my mum, she said that I looked nice and was happy that Auntie Jane had found some clothes for me to wear. After tea Susan and I went to play in her bedroom. After a while, Auntie Jane came to the door and told me that as the rain had not stopped, mum and I would be staying the night. Susan was so excited and told me that I could sleep in the bed with her. Her mum laughed and said that she would see.

Susan was showing me her dolls when Auntie Jane said that it was time for bed. She undressed Susan first and put a nightdress on her. Then it was my turn and as I was being undressed, Auntie Jane said that I would be wearing a nightdress too. I did not protest, because I suppose it is what I wanted. As the soft cotton nightdress flowed down my body, I felt different, I suppose like a girl must feel. Susan was once again excited by me wearing her clothes. We then went to say goodnight to my mum. She hugged me and said that she was pleased that Auntie Jane had found something for me to wear and that she didn't realise how pretty I was. When we had been tucked up in bed by Auntie Jane and the light was turned out, Susan asked me if I liked wearing girls clothes. I told her that I did but she must promise not to tell anyone. She promised and said that she really liked me wearing girls clothes. I went to sleep happy.

The following day we had breakfast in our nightdresses and when I was dressed by Auntie Jane, she dressed me in Susan's clothes again, which were the same as the day before, saying that my own clothes were still wet. I played dolls with Susan for a while and felt comfortable doing so, I suppose because I was dressed in girls clothes. After a while, mum appeared and said that it was time to go home. I kissed Auntie Jane goodbye and hugged Susan. Mum thanked Susan for lending her clothes to me and said that she would have them washed and ironed ready for their visit next weekend. Auntie Jane said that there was no rush to return them and to use them if she wanted to. Mum kissed Auntie Jane and we left to catch the bus.

When we arrived home, mum said that I should wear the clothes I had on for the rest of the day to dirty them out. I said ok and was pleased. During the day I was conscious of the elasticated legs of the knickers. I kept going to the mirror to see my reflection, which didn't go unnoticed by mum. That night as mum was undressing me, ready for a bath, she asked me if I had felt comfortable wearing girls clothes. I said that they were ok. She then said that she had noticed me looking at myself in the mirror and asked me if I saw a boy or girl in the mirror. After a little hesitation, I told her that I saw a girl in the mirror. Mum hugged me and said that it was ok and asked me if I would like to wear girls clothes again. I said that I would like to and began to cry. As mum hugged me tighter she whispered in my ear that she loved me and that I would make a lovely girl. After the bath, mum produced the nightie that I had worn the night before and put it on me. She said that she was happy to have a little girl now, and that we would be going shopping tomorrow for some pretty clothes for me... but that's another story.

I hope you like my petticoated dream.

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