As a traditional disciplinarian and firm believer in the value of strictly applied petticoat discipline I was wondering whether your readers would be interested in some of my own experiences.

My name is Diana Hart and I am a dance teacher. I have been teaching for the last thirty years, specialising in Latin ballroom dancing instruction. I have my own dance studio, Maison Diana, and the majority of my work involves what one might term 'conventional' dance tuition, teaching couples basic, intermediate and advanced ballroom dancing, sometimes to competition standard. However, in the last five years I have started to teach a rather more specialist series of classes. These involve personal and individual tuition with younger males. These males all suffer with what one might term 'behavioural issues'; problems with obedience and discipline that threaten to disrupt their lives. They are most commonly referred to me by their mothers, stepmothers or other ladies acting in loco parentis, who have heard of my work through word of mouth.

My tuition with these students is very discreet and consists of a series of two hour, one to one sessions designed to teach obedience through the medium of Latin dance. By the time 'he' leaves me the male will have a good grasp of how to dance the rumba, samba and cha-cha. I use the word 'he' in inverted commas because a key aspect of the instruction is that the young man will learn the female dance steps, dressed as a girl. It is my belief that ballroom dancing in general and Latin-American dancing in particular, requires a very high degree of physical and mental concentration and control. Learning to dance is therefore an ideal way for the young male to acquire those skills. The young male must learn to focus and follow rules, rules that he will need in later life.

Perhaps a case history will illustrate my methods more effectively.

Andrew, (not his real name), was brought to me by his stepmother, Veronica. Veronica, having been widowed, was a single parent and was finding it difficult to manage her stepson. Andrew wasn't exactly 'going off the rails' but he was becoming increasingly wilful, petulant and occasionally keeping bad company. Veronica felt, quite correctly, that her stepson would benefit from more rigour in his life. She had tried to be firmer with him but he seemed not to respond.

Having said that Andrew was wilful and difficult, Veronica recognised that her stepson was likely to be still grieving for his late father. Moreover, he was clearly not an angry or violent young man, quite the reverse. In fact, Veronica had come across several pornographic magazines in his bedroom that indicated a sexual taste for submission.

This last fact convinced me that Andrew would indeed benefit greatly from my tuition.

The three of us, Veronica, Andrew and myself, had a preliminary meeting. As one might imagine, once he realised what was involved Andrew was not particularly keen on the idea of dance classes. However, once his stepmother had suggested that his non-compliance might result in his collection of magazines being shown to his headmaster and close family, he saw reason.

The following week Andrew appeared at my studio and changed into a short pink satin dance costume, complete with white wrist length gloves, white ankle socks and pink patent leather mary-jane shoes. Veronica had shaved him of the small amount of body hair he possessed and his penis had been locked into a pink plastic chastity cage. The costume he wore was one I had designed myself with the short skirt leaving bottom and penis exposed for maximum access and embarrassment. Veronica stayed for my introductory talk, at which I made it clear to Andrew that his/her only focus was to be to follow my instructions, and then left.

Let me make it clear at this point that when I teach young gentlemen in this way, my style is overtly sexual. I leave no doubt in the pupil's mind that he/she is submissive and I am sexually dominant. My own costume emphasises that dominance: black latex corset, opera-length black latex gloves, tight latex capri pants and strappy Latin high-heeled dancing sandals. Although I am now in my early fifties, dancing has kept my body trim. It was gratifying to see Andrew's response to me. As he looked at me I saw him wince as his penis attempted to become erect in its cage. He could not seem to take his eyes from my high heels.

And so to the instruction itself. The young man holds my left hand in his right and places his left arm round my waist. This leaves my own right hand free to use my teaching cane, a short rattan perfect for administering a smart tap to the young man's exposed buttocks. As I explain to my pupils, I use my cane to correct mistakes, not to punish. Their skin will never be broken.

We cha-cha. As one would expect, Andrew is nervous, clumsy and lacking in rhythm. After twenty minutes his left buttock is red from my cane. He learns to curtsy to me, to thank me for his instruction, to ask if he may be of service. We take a break. Andrew brings me my cigarettes and lighter and holds my ashtray while I smoke. The young man is usually crying. But this is normal. The first few sessions are purely to emphasise his submission and instill a desire to please and obey.

And then when the young man inadvertently treads on my sandal. This is not allowed. I take him aside and put him across my rubber leggings and administer a spanking. After fifteen minutes of attention from my latex glove he is crying, his bottom quite red but he understands the rule. He spends a further ten minutes on his knees licking clean the straps of my sandal. You step on Madame's high heels at your peril.

We continue. There are mistakes a plenty and all are disciplined, but by the end of the session Andrew has started to learn. He is tired, sore and tearful but, and this is very pleasing, there are still strong signs of arousal within his chastity cage. For the next lesson his penis will have to be rubbered to prevent any unfortunate emissions from soiling my own costume.

Veronica arrives. As I have instructed him Andrew curtsys to his stepmother, then to me and kisses my high heels to thank me for his lesson. Veronica is amazed. Her stepson has been transformed. I tell her that the film of the session will be available for her to collect in a couple of days. Andrew gasps. If he thought there was a way of escape he now knows there isn't.

Over the weeks obedience and submission become second nature to Andrew. Veronica and I discuss whether he should be transformed into Andrea but decide against it. The young man spends longer and longer in chastity which increases his libido.

By the final lesson he is permanently aroused within his chastity cage and takes every opportunity to dance as closely as possible to me. He is a delightful young man and a pleasure to be with.

And he can dance the cha-cha passably well - as a girl, of course.

Diana Hart
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