The Rubberist's Diary

Another Letter From Miss Howe

First, a little background is required. James was able to contact his late Aunt's daughter and wrote her on my behalf. This is more of that conversation.

May 2017. Falmouth

My dear boy James,

How very delightful it is to be back in touch with you after all these years! I have so many memories of your visits in the nineteen fifties, I think you must have been very glad to get away from your German Nanny for the seaside Summer visits. Mind you, Mother also had very traditional ideas on how a young boy, such as you, should be disciplined. Also, firm ideas just how a boy like you should be dressed.

Your very first visit was back in nineteen fifty eight, looking at the first entries in my diary for that year. How very well I recall your arrival by taxi with Mother, having met you at the railway station after your long journey. And what a darling young boy you were, James! Very petite and somewhat effeminate, with your darling long blond locks reaching well over your shoulders. Although now fully recovered from Polio, it had certainly left you with the most petite stature. Your Nanny had seen fit to dress you in a navy blue sailor suit, but this was very soon to be replaced by something much more suitable in our presence.

Although a full and proper return to infancy would wait for another year, Mother was determined to give you some hints as just what was to follow. This would soon prove very necessary, and would take place sooner than we expected. Mother had been most pleased to take her old fashioned formal nurse's uniform out of storage in the spare room. I remember being somewhat jealous of her being suitably uniformed in your presence. However, long red rubber aprons would be worn by both of us at your bath times. Also a similar, very shiny, red rubber bed undersheet was fitted beneath the stiffly starched lower cotton sheet on your bed.

There was certainly no time to waste, and we soon had you up to the bathroom and stripped naked. We soon noticed the two tight rubber rings around your genitals. One behind your testicles holding a second smaller ring firmly at the base of your penis. Nanny had told us that you must be kept in these tight rubber 'Blakey' rings at all times, this in readiness for your future circumcision. Mother inspected these carefully with a certain delight, before putting you into the bath with very visible erect penis.

It was not long before you decided to suddenly pass urine, much to Mother's annoyance. Mother had made sure to ask your Nanny about any toileting needs you may have. However, this boyish display required swift discipline from Mother. Once out of the bath and briskly dried, it was over her rubber apron clad knees with you for a good spanking. And what a good spanking it was! We had both already noticed the very visible signs of your Nanny's frequent use of the cane on your darling boy's bottom. As you were plainly liable to wetting, Mother was well prepared for your visit. She having already obtained many towel nappies and several pairs of traditional red rubbers.These would have to wait, as first you were to be dressed in a suspender waist and silk stockings. Mother said that we must certainly keep our rubber aprons on, just in case, until you were securely restrained in nappies and rubbers.

And so to the bedroom to get you properly dressed. Your Nanny's treatment certainly had you in a most submissive and obedient state. This was very apparent as we dressed you. Many a boy of your age would have soon been vigorously protesting. We made quite sure that you wore the waist adjusted most tightly and high up under your armpits. The suspender waist was a delightful undergarment for a boy to have to wear! We both took much pleasure in fussing over the many laces and buttons, before the lovely shiny white silk stockings were drawn up your legs. You stood before us in a most excited state, I well remember, as Mother soon had you pinned into the Terry towel nappy.

She then held up the heavy and very shiny red rubbers, trimmed with pretty frills at the tightly elasticated leg bands. She shook them loudly in front of you before stepping you into them. It was a delight to see just how you shivered all over, at feeling for the very first time just how very tight the broad elastics were in the waist and legs. Mother insisted that your baby rubbers must be very uncomfortable for you. With these rubbers pulled up good and tight high up your waist, only now could we remove our rubber aprons. (Almost reluctantly in my case!) Your very sheepish stares plainly showing your early rubber attraction to Mother and myself. Your delightful transformation continuing with getting you into the very traditional Highland suit. Do you remember it, James? It was one of Mother's very favourites for you to wear!

Over the nice tight suspender waist and white silk stockings, came the very fancy cream satin bloomers. With these buttoned up to the rows of buttons on the waist high under your armpits, the voluminous garment pulled your rubbers well into your crotch. How you shivered all over, James! The layers of frills and lace reached almost to your ankles. A lovely, shiny, frill and lace trimmed cream satin blouse was soon buttoned on to you, followed by two rustling short petticoats and an even shorter kilt skirt. Your delightfully short skirts ensuring that plenty of your elaborate bloomers were always showing. Button boots were put on you, and I even persuaded Mother to allow me to tie your long blond locks into two huge pink satin ribbons! It was time to march you downstairs, dressed as all boys should be.

Do you remember just how the satin swished and rustled with every step you took? And also the tell tale squeak of your rubbers, plain for all to hear. The dear vicar and his wife and young daughter were to soon visit. How very well you would be presented to them! After a while, during which you were sat upon the dear visiting girl's knees, we decided to take you on a nice long walk in the nearby park. No sooner had we departed than you begged to have a wee! Mother strictly forbade it, and how increasingly awkwardly you walked in public! You soon had a good wetting, and in full public view Mother set about changing you. She was glad that she had the nappy bag with her. She placed your hands upon your head before pulling your kilt and petticoats to your ankles. With your bloomers unbuttoned, they were also soon at your ankles. Everybody could now see that you were kept in rubbers over your nappy!

It was very late in the evening by the time we marched you up to the bathroom for closely supervised toileting. Of course, you had a thoroughly wet nappy by now. This meant being stripped by Mother for another spanking, before we put you to bed in a fresh nappy and rubbers. I knew that this first night would be well remembered by you with your sore little bottom, feeling the tight embrace of a nappy and rubbers. The rubber bedsheet, separated from you by just a thin cotton undersheet, casting its increasing spell on you as you drifted off to sleep.

You certainly looked so very 'darling' in all your frills and lace, just like a boy straight from the early nineteen hundreds. Definitely Mother and my favourite age for boy's fashions! Your future further journey into the world of infancy would greatly delight Mother and myself.

I shall wish you well for now, and am glad that our correct treatment of you as a boy is still so well remembered.

Best Regards
Miss Howe
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