from Lorie

Dear Auntie Helga,

I can see that people write to you and send letters which I am hoping you may have some time to reply to me some day. My husband and I have been married for just over 10 years now and have known one another for about 15 years. After than long you think you have a pretty good idea who you partner is wouldn't you think?

Now Jeff is a great guy, treats me very good and works hard to put a roof over our head. Well he did work hard until his company moved to Brazil where neither one of us wants to live. With Jeff sitting at home all day while I work he started to get lazy on me. One day after work we had an argument which was not a normal thing for us. I wanted Jeff to start working around the house with basic cleaning, do some laundry and such. He finally got off his ass one day surprising me when I came home.

Each day I came home Jeff had attempted or completed jobs on my honey dew list. Teasing Jeff I suggested he apply for a maid's job which we laughed about. I went one step further implying maybe I should buy him a maid uniform to wear at home here. He came back with would he look cute when I thought maybe he would.

Not thinking much more about it one day talking with my mom I shared the funny story when she stopped me asking if I was going to make Jeff my sissymaid. What is a sissymaid I asked. Well mom gave me a quick lesson then suggested I look on the internet which I did at work the next day. Helga now you know how I found you and here I am.

Jeff is working out very well with his cleaning and laundry abilities and that have me the idea along with my mom to try this sissymaid idea out. I know my neighbor Dee could use a maid since she never has time to clean with her busy job. Helga if I go down this path can I have Jeff wear a maid uniform making it easier to walk next door or does he have wear a sissy type of dress to be a sissymaid? Do you agree that having Jeff clean other homes is a good idea or am I not reading this properly? By the way congratulations on a very informative website. It looks like there are quite a few women with sissymaids today. I would like to join that group soon if I can.

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Lorie. How nice to hear from you and not only do they write me, but unlike so many sites, I actually answer. They will get lazy unless you work them and I can understand your concerns. I do see though that when you insisted and I expect that was done in a no nonsense dominant way, he responded as you wished, that bodes well for making him your sissymaid.

That is so amazing that your mother knew about sissymaids, I wonder how that came to be. Having him work at someone else's home is getting ahead of ourselves as they say, but, sure that's possible. Turning a man into a sissymaid, unless they are predisposed to be sissies, takes time, commitment and planning. I suggest we start with a discussion of how to begin.

Does this sound good to you?


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