from Anna

Dear Helga,

I met my husband in 1956 and thought he was the rudest person I had ever met. He would use cuss words in every sentence and make rude remarks about women. I do not know why but after a few weeks of his actions I told him he was a silly twit. He laughed and asked what the hell is a "twit". I told him a twit is a little girl. He went red in the face and he turned and started to walk away. For another reason I don't know I said get your back side back here now in a loud voice. Everyone in the room stopped talking and he turned and came back. The room was quite. I said to him you are a silly little sissy and you will tell me you are sorry for your actions. He swallowed hard and bowed his head and said I am sorry Ma'am. Suddenly the room erupted with people laughing at him.

I told him to march out of the house and go to the local store and buy several sissy outfits that fit you and come to my house at seven for a nice little party where you will be the MAID. He turned and out the door he went. Some of my females friends that were there begged me to let them come to the party. ( I really had not even planned to have a party). I agreed and they came about six and they all waited to see if he would show. At seven the door bell rang, I opened for whatever reason there he stood with a suitcase in his hand. This began a long relationship with Jenny as my maid. He walked in and to his surprise he saw all these women and he started to turn and run but I said where do you think you are going young lady. He stopped and turned back I wiggled my finger and he came back. I took him by the ear to the middle of the room and told him to strip. He was soon naked and all the women laughing at his four inch penis. (that was hard) I told him to open his little case and get dressed for us. Before long he was standing there in panties with little yellow ducks on them and a white cotton slip and a gray pencil dress with a white collar. The dress was so short it barely covered the panties. We all laughed and started making him model his outfit and all agreed he was a cute little maid. Since there were seven of us real women we divided his days of service into one day a week for each of us.

That lasted about two months and I took total control of her/him I married Jenny with all of my friends in attendance. Jenny wore a long white dress with a veil and had his sister as his Maid of Honor and his cousin his Brides Maid. It was a nice wedding but all agreed he was the best MAID of all.

Jenny passed away in 2002 and I have missed her so. We lived a nice life and I think Jenny would say she/he had a great life as my husband /wife/ Maid.


Thank you for your letter Anna. So sorry for your loss, my condolences, I know you must miss her terribly. It is sort of funny how even the most macho of men turn out to be sissies when confronted by a strong confident woman. I hope this lesson is taken to heart by those readers seeking to join our ranks.


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