from Jean

Dear Helga,

Before I begin let me say how wonderful your website is and how much I have enjoyed it and still do. Here is my dilemma with my sissymaid husband of 2 years. We have been together for 11 years so Terri is a relatively new sissymaid. This is a fulltime lifestyle for her which I implemented right off the start to show her no fooling around. Last Year Terri had breast implants as a way to further enhance her feminization.

Helga I am having some troubles with Terri and even after fucking her 5 days a week she continues to challenge me every so often. I did some reading to find an answer as I do not believe she is acting out intentionally. They say on the internet that some men have an instinctive drive that they themselves can't control neither can their Mistresses. Terri is for the most part very submissive the rest of the time working away in her own world.

One woman I chatted with had the same issue that was resolved by castration. Now I don't see much about castrated sissymaids on any websites so I thought maybe you have some input Helga. I have a connection that will gladly castrate Terri if that is the route I choose however maybe it is best to discuss the problem with someone like yourself before removing Terri's balls. What do you think might help when I have tried everything? What are your thoughts on castration for sissymaids other than it looks nice when they take the scrotum too? In the Femdom world it is more common that with sissymaids as I see it.

Please give it some thought if you would then if you have time let me know.


Thank you for your letter Jean. How nice to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words, I am so pleased that you enjoy the site. I am very happy to hear you have a sissymaid husband though sorry about the problems, they do push back sometimes.

What do you do for punishment? Disobedience should be dealt with harshly, that said, you asked about castration. Please understand that I am not a medical professional but from what I have seen it can help quite a bit and of course it feminizes them permanently. Since you have a connection this might be the way to go, though they may well require written consent from your sissy. The possibility of doing this makes a pretty good motivator, you've done that?


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