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Timothy Watson was unhappy when his mother Fiona brought him to sissy school. He knew why she had brought him: because every time they were in town, he would have spent all his time looking in the window at Dainty Dolly Dresses if she didn’t finally haul him away to get her shopping done. She had finally relented and taken him inside, and bought him a little girl outfit: a pretty yellow dress with a frill round the edge, together with a petticoat and a pair of girls’ panties. Now, she said, she could take him to sissy school on Saturdays, so here he was. But Timothy wanted to be a girl with the girls. There was only one drawback with that: they would tease him and be dead bossy because he was a boy. So he would have to keep his wish to be a girl secret, so that nobody except his Mommy knew.

That was in danger of changing this Saturday morning, as his Mommy led him in through the door before Saturday Sissy School had begun. “Oh dear,” said Miss Lovekiss, the teacher. “Who is this sorry looking little person?”

Timothy hid his face in the back of Mommy’s coat, hoping he didn’t have to say anything, but she explained, and Miss Lovekiss was all smiles. She was obviously going to be a nice sissy teacher because she wore glasses and had her hair done in curls round her face, and she wore a very frilly blouse and a wide skirt with a hundred pleats which rustled when she moved.

“If you leave him with me, Missus Watson, I will keep Timothy on his own in the Pretty Korner. He can try on some dresses for as long as he likes.”

The Pretty Korner was pink, or to be more exact, it had lots of different pinks, flowers, cushions, curtains, and ohhh – closets! “You may open any closet you choose, my darling, and feel as sweet as you like,” said Miss Lovekiss as she walked away with sizzles under her skirt. “Today is your first day, so YOU can choose what to wear instead of me.”

The first closet had fairies on the door, and as Timothy opened it, his nose was kissed with the most beautiful perfume and he was sure he heard fairies singing. But what he found, in softly coloured, shining rows, were dozens of lovely dresses, and he simply had to touch.

They lifted down so easily on their pink satin hangers. The first he wanted to wear was a pale green dress with pink flowers all over, a pleated chiffon collar and white puffed sleeves like Cinderella wore. He took off his new dress from Dainty Dolly Dresses and slipped into the green dress that spread all round him deliciously. Oh, if only he could play dress-up with other girls. That was what he wanted more than anything. He wanted to play with girls so eagerly that he started to cry as he made his sorry way to the mirror.

“Ohhh!” he cried, and spun round to see whose face it was who was peeping at him through the curtains of the Pretty Korner.

It was another sissy, who crept out into the open and held his hands together in front of his ruffled satin suspenders. He had a friend with him, who stepped out as well, and stood rocking one leg forward and back on the toe of his blue patent high heel.

“Hello,” said the first sissy. “Would you like me to fasten the back of your dress for you?”

“You look lovely in it,” said his friend.

Timothy was unsure, but when he saw the smooth stockings Miss Lovekiss had put them into, and the girlish satin panties they wore, he bravely turned to the mirror and showed them his dress buttons.

“My name is Jordan, but at Saturday Sissy I like to be called Alice. What’s your name?”


“Would you like to have a girls’ name too?”

He thought, as he looked at them both in the mirror, but had to say: “I can’t think of a nice name. – Maybe I don’t deserve a girls’ name.” Alice was a little bit taller than himself, in a beautifully tiered pink dress, and he had his blond hair brushed over to one side. He concentrated on fastening Timothy’s dress.

“I’m Marcus,” said his friend, “but at Sissy School everyone calls me Bethany.” He was wearing a wide blue dress with a lovely white bibbed apron, over a lacy white petticoat, and his hair was dark and very girly. Alice and Bethany – they had such lovely names. Alice seemed to be thinking, then he spread his hands out and looked really excited.

“We have a game we play at Saturday Sissy School – it’s called Petticoats and Panties. Would you like to play our game with us?”

Timothy really wanted to. He even smiled.

“What you have to do,” said Bethany, “is be girlish like a girl.”

This seemed a bit too obvious and Alice laughed. And Timothy laughed too.

“What Bethany was saying is, you get to wear a petticoat, or a panty, if you show the rest of us you are a girl.”

“Yes,” said Bethany. “So you might sing a song, or dance round the room holding the edges of your dress.”

Before Alice and Bethany had explained, Timothy was up on his knees: “I want to play,” he said.

The other two were delighted. “I’ll go first,” said Alice. He got up on his high heels and undid his dress, pulling it up over his head so that he stood in a pale pink petticoat with lace round the bottom.

“Ohhh!” cried Timothy, suddenly alarmed. “Do we have to take our clothes off?”

“No, no, no. You take off your dress, when it’s your turn. Then, when everyone agrees you’re a girl, you get to choose a new petticoat and a new pair of panties.”

So Alice took his turn first. He walked across the carpet to where the floor was polished wood, and started to throw a stamping tantrum . “I will NOT wear a brown dress!! Stamp.– “I want to wear a PINK dress – Pink! Pink! Pink!” – stamp, stamp, stamp!

The other two laughed and both agreed together, “Yes, you’re a girl!” Alice skipped straight to the third pink closet and threw open the door, to reveal the most fabulous collection of dainty petticoats that Timothy had ever seen. They helped Alice to take off his petticoat and panties, which was very exciting to Timothy, and then they helped him to dress in his new things.

Bethany stood in front of the other two, with his fingers laced at the front of his dress, and sang Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. He had such a sweet voice it had to be a girl who was singing, and in no time they were changing Bethany’s petticoat and panties, so that Timothy was really quite excited – a little too excited to decide what he was going to do, especially since the closet door stood open, showing him a full row of petticoats, and beneath them, the open drawer filled with folded pairs of satin panties.

He gazed at the petticoats, and the panty drawer, and he danced on the spot, crying: “I want to wear this one, I want to wear that one!” The others didn’t need to consider: they both cried out: “You’re a girl, you’re a girl!” and as Timothy’s new friends took his petticoat off over his head, and drew down his panties, their new friend at Saturday Sissy School quivered with pleasure and said to them in a soft, very girlish voice: “Please will you call me Lucy? I think only a girl can wear these feminine panties and this beautiful petticoat.”

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