My wife Connie and I had got together with another couple Ellen and Tom for a few months to play cards and us guys won almost every game and got to the point where it was not much fun for either the girls or guys. One night my wife and Ellen said they were tired of losing and thought that it would be more fun to play penalty for the loses. As my buddy Tom and I had most of the time won thought it would be fun to win over them at this to. The rules were laid down that who ever lost had to do anything the winners said the losers had to do. The exception were that no one could tell any one out side our group about the penalties.

The games were on and the girls lost the very first game and the guys said that the girls had to play the next game in their underwear only. The girls were shocked but did not want to be poor sports. So there they sat in their undies playing the next game. I had always wondered what Tom's wife looked like in her underwear. Now I knew. That next game went forward and it was looking like we would win another and suddenly the girls jumped to the lead. Tom and I fought hard to win but lost.

When the girls won they told us to follow them. When we got to the bedroom we saw two french made outfits on the bed. One was pink the other purple. My wife picked up the pink ruffled panties and handed them to me and told me to go into the bathroom and put them on and return. When I came back Tom had on the purple panties with fishnet stockings and a bra. They were still dressing him with the complete outfit including a wig and make up. I was soon dress the same. My wife Connie said that my name would be Sissy Pie and Tom's wife said Tom's name would be Maid Mary. We both were shocked that our wives would think of such as this.

Back at the card table we sat in the maid's outfits not knowing that we were being filmed. We were so caught off guard by this that we played bad the next game and lost. We had to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. I then saw that they were filming us in these outfits doing women's work. I told them that was not part of the rules. Connie said that they had both got tired of my and Tom's acting like the girls were second class to us and they were getting even. We knew we were in to deep to get out and began telling them we would change. Ellen said she knew we would change and from now on we would both be wearing women's under garments twenty four seven and that we would do as they said or our friends would get a copy of our pretty outfits and more.

Connie said that to seal the deal Maid Mary and Sissy Pie would seal it with a kiss. I said no way and so did Tom. Both of our wives said okay have it your way and they said we could take off the outfits and the films would go out tomorrow. Both Tom and I looked at each other. Connie said the kiss would last thirty seconds and while you are kissing you will hug and pat one another on the butt. They also said not that we were gay but we were sissies and that we would not have sex with one another but would be punished by spankings and having to do many humiliating things as pay back for all of the humiliating things that Tom and I had said about them in the presence of others.

The kiss began our lips at first only touched lightly and Connie stopped it and said that we were to put more passion into it or do it until we get it right. Again we kissed this time we did it with passion and patted one anther's butts and hugged. The women were satisfied.

The new rules were that when at home we would be wearing either maids uniforms or other sexy attire. Also punishments would be written and put in a jar an any digressions would be dealt with by us drawing out of the jar our punishment. I got mad and told her I would not do this and she again made it clear I could not lose my job as the president of her father's company or we would be living on the other side of town with the poor people. I said okay but was told I had to do a punishment for what I had said. She reminded me of how many times he had told me to kiss his ass. She then turned around and said kneel Sissy Pie. I looked at Tom and then knelt she backed her butt to me and said start and don't stop until I say stop. I also had to kiss a new spot each time. I soon ran out of but one place I took a deep breath and kissed her there. You can imagine where that was.

Every Friday we get together and the girls tell us what we have done wrong or "naughty" as they call it and we must draw out a punishment each time they tell us to.

Sissy Pie

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