It was Nineteen Fifty Seven when I was fresh out of school and looking for a job that would sustain a living on my own. I was, as most young men, tired of Mom and Dad's lording over my every doing. That last sentence is what most think of as being defiant. In my case it was true they were very religious and made sure I was doing what the Bible said to do. It only drove me away and into some things a person should not be doing.

With that said I will tell my story as I am the one who lived it. I went to work for a small company that cleaned carpets and most of which were in the rich areas of the town that I had moved to about eighty miles from my parents. I did great for about a year and got promoted to my own route. I guess I was very good at what I did because I got call backs from the customers that I did cleaning for. One of the customers was a very pretty lady name Carla. I had watched her out of the corner of my eye to see her move as she walked or sat with her legs crossed leaving a nice peek show very often. Many times I saw the stride of her pretty panties. I knew in my mind she was flirting with me and I enjoyed ever peek.

One day as I was cleaning her bedroom carpet she walked out of her master bathroom in some very sexy pink panties and bra. I blushed and quickly turned to leave and Carla asked where I was off to, I stopped with my back to her, and said you are in your under things and I should go out until you are dressed. She said she was not modest and I did not have to leave unless I was shy. I felt my manhood rise and I turned back to my cleaning unit and kept looking at her as she puts on her stockings and garter belt. She slid her hands up her legs knowing I was looking on. Carla asked me if I could see if her stocking legs were straight in the back and turned her backside to my view. I looked up and down her legs stopping at her butt and said it is perfect. She laughed and said "my butt or my stockings". I blushed like a five year old school boy and said both.

I finished my work that day and left only to get a call from my boss saying that Carla had called and said I forgot a tool at her house. I turned back to get the tool only to find when I got there that I did not forget a tool. Carla said she wanted to talk to me about something. She said that she wanted me to help her with a problem. She went on to say she had never seen a man in women's clothes and had thought that I might show her how one would look. I told her I was not a sissy and did not wear women's clothes. She said she would make it worth my while and she would help me with things If I helped her. I had once told her I lived in a one room apartment and had to share the bathroom with the other that lived there. Carla went on to say she had an area in the lower part of her house that was like another house. She took me down and showed me the area it was big and had furniture and everything a person could want in a apartment. She said if I came to work for her she would make me happy. I asked what kind of work and she said I need a maid. My mind went wild thinking of being a maid for this beautiful woman and being in her presence all the time.

Carla explained my duties would be helping her bathe and dress and sex. I told her I would think about it and she came and placed her hand on the front of my pants and said I see you are thinking about it already. She moved her hand around and pushed it down the front of my pants and took my manhood in her hand and I was soon spent. She smiled and said you have two days to say what you will do she gave me her personal phone number.

The next day I got a package at my apartment. I opened it to find the pink panties she had on the day before. I was in my bedroom when I opened the box. I slide the panties up to my nose, feeling so consumed by her smell I made a mess in my underwear. That was when I saw a note in the box.


I sent these to you to help you to make up your mind. I want you to remove your male underwear and put on mine. Keep them on all night and if you still do not want to come work for me then you can return them personally to me along with the envelope and it contents. I looked in the box and found the envelope. Opening it I found the title to a 1957 Corvette. If you decide to come to work come on Saturday and be wearing the panties. Bring your things if you take my offer.

Jamie: for now

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