from Wayne

Dear Auntie Helga,

One thing I have learned already is reading about something is not the same as living it. I am still happy with my decision to become a sissymaid though. Walking around with nothing on except panties and heels was a shocker to me. Lorie was adjusting to it as well even though it was her idea. I did feel like a sissy Auntie Helga or at least uncomfortable. Lorie is doing her best to explain what she wants me to do and how to do it. She made it quite clear that I am being trained to be her maid. Lorie also talked to me about the longevity of these changes so I am aware it is no game to her now.

At this stage while we both learn our new roles Lorie is talking to me about everything from clothes to cleaning. With her being a very intelligent woman and a strong personality I see changes coming where she will have no troubles telling me what to do. This was my idea so I am committed to follow her lead.

When I became interested in petticoating I broke it down in three categories. Dressing like a sissymaid, becoming a maid and following the lead of Lorie. Now that we have started this process I feel following Lorie's lead is number one, training as her maid is number two and dressing like a sissymaid is number three. Do you see how I had those categories mixed up before Auntie Helga? That also changes how I feel about becoming a sissymaid. Maybe I had too much fantasy in my head before not knowing it. Maybe I also thought it might be fun. I was lacking how Lorie would feel about it and how she would respond to me as a sissymaid.

With your guidance Auntie Helga I am sure I will adapt to what Lorie wants me to learn. What I do see now is the seriousness of what I volunteered to do and by sharing it with Lorie giving her every opportunity to take full advantage of me now. One thing for sure this weekend I learned quite a lot about cleaning and laundry. I also learned more about Lorie's way of doing things correctly. That is important with her being so buy with her job that I will be expected to run with everything she teaches me by myself within a few weeks.

Lorie is going to score me on my performance then discuss ways of improving my abilities. I thought she might do that because in the beginning she made it clear not having the time to train a sissymaid. The weekend was a good time for me to learn but during the week I have to figure things out alone or at best a quick text. How am I doing so far Auntie Helga?


Thank you for your letter Wayne, you are doing very well dear. To be a great sissymaid requires the proper attitude, one of acceptance and obedience. Of course a strong Mistress can help adjust your attitude with the power of her will and the occasional application of corrective tools, like a crop or cane.

Auntie Helga

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