from Mandy

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am still kept in chastity 24/7 but Ms Margaret has started to make good on her promises. She made me have a vasectomy around 12 months ago which means I can no longer father children and "I fire blanks' as she likes to say. She also reiterates that my worth to other women is slowly being eroded and that I will gradually become nothing more than a darling sissy plaything for their amusement. After this demonstration of her authority my rebellious spirit has been crushed and I will admit to you that I am now powerless to resist her and her demands.

She has also requested that I send you an account of my vasectomy. It took place here in London where we live at St Mary's hospital which has both private and public wings. She ensured I was in the public wing for maximum embarrassment. I had the choice of a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic and she chose the general one so that I needed to stay in hospital overnight. The evening before I had my operation she ensured I was fully bathed and shaved including my pubic region and she prepared my overnight bag without telling me what was in it.

In the morning she and Ms Stella got me dressed in some big baggy pink satin knickers and matching camisole, some tan tights and a pink velour track suit. My outfit was complete with a grey fox fur jacket. It was plain to see that I was a man dressed in women's clothes. We arrived at 7am and we had to wait in the waiting room with 12 other patients both male and female. I was not allowed to remove my jacket, and nor would I with what I was wearing underneath. Everyone was looking at me whilst we were waiting. It got even worse when she pulled out a copy of Vogue for me to read. For this whole period she referred to me as Mandy in front of everyone. Eventually a nurse called out my old name Daniel and I was asked to move into a side room. The nurse could not resist commenting on my outfit and how beautiful my coat was. A female Doctor then entered the room and Mistress Margaret made me stand up and remove my jacket, the Doctor said how much she loved my pink tracksuit and how she must get one for her daughter. She then ran through some basic questions and told me I would be going into theatre at 1pm.

I was then moved up to another floor and told to go into a cubicle and remove all my clothes and put on the surgical gown that was waiting for me. Around an hour later a trolley arrived to take me to the theatre and once I reached it the nurse asked me why I was having a general anesthetic as most men just had a local. I told her my Mistress had insisted on it and she just smirked. When I woke up I was very light headed with a terrific pain on both sides of my testicles. I looked down and I had on a pair of paper knickers. My testicles were very bruised and swollen. I had Mistress Margaret on one side and Ms Stella on the other. They had been out and bought me two of the largest bouquets of pink roses you have ever seen.

Ms Stella, went to get the nurse and she checked all my vital signs and then disappeared for five minutes before returning with a bowl and a wash cloth. She then proceeded to give me a gentle wash and towel down. "Right Sweetie, you can put on your own overnight clothes now. Do you need some help?" Before I could say anything Ms Stella jumped in to answer for me: " I am sure she would really appreciate that as she is quite sore after the operation". Meanwhile Ms Margaret bought out a small pink vanity case and placed it gently on the bed next to me. From the case she proceeded to remove a pink satin Victorian nightdress with long sleeves, high neck with white lace trim around the next and cuffs. It had a matching robe and if that wasn't enough she also presented another pair of big pale pink satin knickers. The nurse looked at them quizzically and then at me before asking "are these for him?" Ms Margaret immediately responded by saying " You much prefer these soft feminine clothes don't you Princess" whilst giving me a look that meant I dare not contradict her. I bowed my head and said yes Miss Margaret. The nurse smiled and giggled before saying "whatever turns you on Princess. "Put your arms up" which I did and she then slipped the nightdress over my head. Margaret and Stella then held one arm each and helped me stand up. The nurses crumpled up the knickers, got down on one knee in front of me and rolled the knickers up my legs before, adjusting the crotch to ensure I was comfortable. "We better get that robe on you too Sweetheart, we don't want you catching a chill". With that, I was put in the robe and helped back into bed. Stella then produced a pair of ladies pink sheepskin slippers and left them next to the bed.

Ms Margaret then proffered a strict warning that I better be dressed the same way when they came to pick me up the next morning and that they didn't want to hear of any shenanigans from the nurses. I promised and with that they removed the curtains from my bed, kissed me on each cheek and left. I nearly died of embarrassment as there were six other men in my ward. They all looked at me in pity and disgust and started talking about the sissy in the end bed. Next came a gaggle of nurses, mine had obviously informed them of my predicament and they were loving every minute of it. They all called me Princess in louder tones than I would have liked. I spent an excruciating night in the hospital in a mixture of pain and acute embarrassment. The lady Doctor came around in the morning to check everything was okay. She could not stop laughing when she saw me and commented how lucky I was to have such a beautiful nightdress. She had to lift it up to check my testicles and obviously saw my knickers. "My my aren't we a pretty girl". The gaggle of nurses returned with their mobile phones to take pictures before Margaret and Stella arrived.

They helped me dress in the same outfit I wore in (minus the tights). I then had to put my fur jacket on and carry my huge bouquets of roses accompanied by Ms Stella on one arm and Ms Margaret on the other. This was all done to a background of wolf whistles for the men in my ward. It was not an experience I wish to repeat but I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Yours most respectfully,

Thank you for your letter Mandy. I know our many readers can sympathize with your humiliation in the hospital, most of us feel vulnerable in that setting, though the pretty clothes you were allowed to wear should have provided some degree of comfort. The important thing is that now you have been corrected and we are all happy about that.

Auntie Helga

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