from Rob

Dear Auntie Helga,

When my mother woke up from her nap I asked her if I could talk to her about something that was on my mind. We have a good relationship so she sat down while I shared how I am a mama's boy and loved her so much. I went on to let her know I always felt different inside without knowing why or what it was until recently. Having a concerned look on her face I assured her it wasn't anything I thought was bad yet needed her help. I went on to say knowing I was different without answers prompted me to go to the internet. While many things I read didn't apply or didn't seem real I did stumble onto a website that started to make sense to me. My mother thought it was good the internet could help me find out what was bothering me. I started to tell her about your website Auntie Helga where mothers and wives had written letters about using something called petticoating with their boys and men. My mother let me know she new of girls petticoats but what was petticoating all about. I explained the best I could with the little knowledge I have that it was a method of training boys and men to conform to rules set out by a mother or wife.

My mother looked puzzled at why I wanted something like that so I explained I wanted her, if she was willing, to force me to do everything she told me to do. My mother laughed letting me know she has always done that so it was nothing new. I then asked her is I could read a couple of letters to her from the website. She sat while I read a couple of letters before saying to me so Rob you want me to force you to clean the house and do the laundry while dressed up like a girl. Before I answered she repeated the question asking if that is what I wanted her to agree to. I let her know I didn't want to dress like a girl but instead wanted to be forced to do it by her. My mother thought it was a silly idea so I showed her some pictures in the gallery section on the website. At first she said they all looked silly and must be gay to do that type of thing. The more she looked at the pictures it started to sink in to her head I think. Her comments changed to words like cute and I like that one. My mother asked why I wanted to do this when I explained I just felt my place was to serve her in any way she wanted me to. She asked me of all the pictures how did I see myself should she agree to ever try this crazy idea.

I showed her a couple of guys in maid dresses while cleaning. My mother asked if I really wanted to try this and what if she agreed would I do as she said or just say I had enough then stop at some point. I let her know I wanted to serve her in anyway she saw fit even if it meant forcing me to dress like those pictures. My mother looked at me asking herself out loud was I crazy or was she for even looking at this. My mother asked me if I had ever worn any women's clothes before. I let her know that I never did or never tried. So she asked if I had any idea what it would be like to wear a pretty maid uniform with matching panties. I replied I had no idea what that would be like when she asked again what about wearing a bra and high heels. I said I had no idea about any of it. Shaking her head my mother said again out loud she must be crazy having this conversation. My mother then asked me if I was gay when I replied laughing no not gay.

She looked at me asking one more time if I was sure I wanted to try this when I replied yes. She walked away letting me know she needed some time to absorb this crazy idea of mine. A while later she returned with a piece of paper and a tape measure. Mother looked at me letting me know she was still thinking about it but wanted to get some measurements. While she measured writing down the results she said if she agreed to try this she had some rules right off the bat. I just stood there saying okay to whatever those rules might be. She let me know quite clearly it was going to be my money that paid for these clothes and shoes so I gave her my back card. Next she asked one more time if I wanted to be forced to wear all women's or feminine clothes letting me know real women don't wear French Maid outfits every day or ever. Then she went on to say while I wear these clothes she was yet to buy I would clean the house, do the laundry and anything else she wanted me to do while always wearing a French Maid type of dress. I replied that I thought that is what I wanted her to force me to do.

Mother looked at me letting me know I had until tomorrow morning to change my mind because she explained as soon as she hit the stores there would be no turning back I was going to be her housekeeper. She looked at me letting me know it would be something to see me in high heels but she said it probably won't happen. I don't know if she doesn't believe me or is testing me once again. Well Auntie Helga I have let the cat out of the bag so to speak. I am not sure what to do as part of me feels good about letting it out while the other is terrified. The good thing is even though my mother calls it a crazy idea she is still talking to me like nothing happened so I guess I didn't offend her thankfully. I am going to ask her if I can help with dinner now.


Thank you for your letter Rob. I am so pleased that our website helped you to explain your desires to your loving mother, many young men have these feelings. Dear readers, I know you're wondering what happens next and before too long I will share the whole amazing story with you, stay tuned.

Auntie Helga

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