from Lucy

Dear Helga,

As billie stood in the corner, I decided to go out to the shop floor and gauge the reactions from Rosa and the other seamstresses. None of them were surprised that billie had returned. In fact, they were quite entertained at the prospects of where this could now take him in his re-education and evolution. I congratulated Maria on the beautiful dress she had made for billie and asked her why she had made that particular choice of creations.

"In my neighborhood..." Maria explained, "there is a twenty-year-old boy who went away to school last year. He'd only been gone for four months when a school counselor called his mother , she's a single mom, to tell her that her boy had been kicked out of school. Her mother had worked very hard to get the money together to send him to that college and he had gone there and started a fight or something, I don't remember, but he had broken his contract so they kicked him out. So now she had him back home and, instead of being sorry, he thought it was the best thing ever. He wasn't working, he wasn't studying, he was just laying around, watching television and being lazy. Well finally. Janice, my neighbor had had enough.

She decided to put her boy Danny back in nappies and baby clothes and, she told me that, in an attempt to try and soften that aggression, she decided to "sissify" him. I wasn't quite sure what she meant, but I knew that, when I was a child, a 'sissy' was an effeminate boy. It became a bit clearer though, when she told me that she wanted to put him in a dress. She knew I was a seamstress, so she asked me if I could make a couple of them. I said I would try if she bought the materials. The next day, she brought a pattern of a baby dress by and quite a few yards of gingham and I got started.

Eventually, I ended up making three dresses for her in different materials. About a week after she picked up the dresses, she called me over for a coffee one Saturday morning. As we were sitting at the kitchen table, she motioned for me to look over her shoulder. In the back garden area, I could see a playpen and inside it was Danny, her son, in his sissy finest wearing one of the dresses I had made. She swears that turning him into a sissy baby is what saved him because, after that, he was extremely polite and very helpful around the house."

Everyone laughed and nodded in agreement with Maria. As they were enjoying the story, I chose that moment to return to billie. billie was still standing in the corner, quite still, but sniffing quietly as I walked in. "billie, turn and face Mummy" I said. "You were extremely naughty earlier today. It's obvious that the lessons in humility I have been giving you have not quite sunk in. If you are going to stay in your position here at the shop and in my home, the stakes will now be much higher. Maria has given me an excellent idea. I think it will do you quite good to experience life in a more feminine role. Don't worry, I have no plans to castrate you or anything drastic like that, but, I think a bit of sissification might do you some good." I could see the anxiety in Billie's tear-stained face as I continued, "Now, go and do your poos on the potty and then I want you to ask Nanny Maria, in your sissyish baby voice, to PWEEZE put you in a fresh nappy and into your new dwess!" I emphasized the babyish pronunciation for effect and, as billie walked past me, I smacked him lightly on the bottom. "Once you are in your dress and nappies, return here to get your first new lesson. We are going to teach you how to curtsy."

I went back to work at my desk as I had wasted far too much time on the events of the morning, but I could hear the laughter continue as billie first was made to ask, repeatedly, for help from his Nanny Maria. After about twenty minutes, Maria knocked on the door, "Miss Lucy" she said, trying to hold back a snicker, "billie is ready for you." She had been holding billie by the hand so she turned sideways and pushed him back into the room. "Thank you Maria," I acknowledged, "We will be out in a bit after billie has had some instruction. He's going to learn how to properly curtsy as now befits his new sissy status, thanks to your brilliant idea." "You're welcome Miss," she responded , "And you're welcome too billie" she added with a grin.


Thank you for your letter Lucy. We all enjoy reading about billie's training and now with the introduction of pretty sissy clothes along with nappy discipline success is assured as nothing brings an arrogant down faster than being a baby girl, all the better to control him.


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