Letter 9
From Anita

La Matanza, 29th June 2001

Dear Susan,

I like to just give you some more ideas and thoughts about petticoat discipline. Some of them my mistress has tried on me and I can tell you they are really humiliating. I think one of the most embarrassing items, of which we speak much too little, are gloves. For me as a man, and I believe of any boy, it must be so humiliating when he has to wear soft feminine gloves, white, black, pink etc. but where can you buy ones that fit?

As Monica has not found any satisfactory items, she bought some knee-length stockings which she just pulled over my arms. They reached nearly to the shoulders, and my fingers are enclosed so that if I wear some long sleeved blouses or dresses I do not have the ability to take them off. The housework I have to do is quite difficult.

Another item, which she uses with great pleasure, is little tinkling bells. When I had to do some housework, then she makes me wear a heavily flounced and starched pinafore with lots of small bells sewn on. She has me under complete control, and as soon as she cannot hear the tinkling anymore, she comes to investigate.

There are more of such very demoralising items like a maid's bonnet with big frills tickling your cheeks, but which is also very difficult to find. Maybe you or some reader has some ideas, as I am sure in London you can buy everything that it is not possible to buy in Switzerland.

To end, just a little story:

'Look, my darling, what I have found for you. It is what you always have wanted, and it solves all your problems', said my wife. And she held up a white satin and lace garment in front of me.

'What should that mean, first it is a women's panty girdle, and why should it solve all my problems?' I asked.

She started to explain: 'This is an all-in-one panty girdle, and remember the things that you are always complaining about:

1. That your back is hurting;
2. That you put on weight and become fat;
3. That you drink too much.

And this is just the garment for curing out all these problems:

1. This panty girdle will support your back; it is even recommended by doctors.
2. This panty girdle is tight and does not allow you to eat too much.
3. This panty girdle is completely closed, the long legs do not allow you to the toilet as you are used to, and you will have to undress completely, and you will think twice before you have a drink.
4. And as a free present, you will have to stand every morning on the scales, and if you weigh more than 70 kilos you will have to wear stockings, this is why these suspenders are fixed inside the legs, and this will remind you all day long of your figure.

'Isn't that nice?' she said, 'And now come immediately to the bedroom so that I can help you on with it'.

More on the next occasion I write. In the meantime, like always, I remain
Yours sincerely,


This letter is from Anita from Tenerife, who is of German extraction and has a very sweet but strict mistress in Switzerland. Anita has certainly given us three very good reasons why men should be happy to wear firm and constraining panty girdles, and I do know that some wives with hubbies who are prone to overindulgence discipline then in pretty panty girdles, just as some wives with husbands who smoke make them use a baby's dummy instead. Of course he is quite likely to become very attached to the dummy, but it will be harmless compared with tobacco.

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