from Alison

Dear Helga,

This is Alison, Lauren's wife. I thought I should introduce myself, especially after Lauren has already told you some about me (December 2014). Your site is such a pleasure to read. And it's fantastic that you may feature parts of our story on it. I'm currently working on a list of reasons why I love having a sissy husband. Can't wait to share it with you.

I also picked this morning to say hello because last night my sissy needed some discipline. Yesterday evening, I caught Lauren doing improper "things" with her "boy" parts. (I don't mind telling you-in order to embarrass her and keep her in her place-that those parts are quite dainty lol.) Well, anyway, Lauren knows that she's only allowed "pleasure" when performing "wifely" duties with me or during an official sissy milking session.

After scolding her, I quickly pulled down her panties and gave her a good spanking. Then I took away her "big girl" privileges for the night. She was dressed in a pink kitty-themed PJ set designed for young girls with ruffled rose panties and pink knee socks (I've attached a picture of the outfit) and put down for naptime (It was only 6 p.m. :)). She begged to come to bed with me, but of course, only "big girls" get to sleep with Mommy. Don't worry, though, Helga. She had her teddy bear to keep her company. Adorable. And I had a night to relax-much needed.

This morning, my little sissy was back to her normal "good girl" self. Isn't it lovely having a pantywaist around the house? So easily dealt with... and quite amusing. Hope my introduction was a little more enjoyable with a fun story! Now, off to work!


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Thank you for your letter and photo Alison. What a pleasure to meet you, your sissy told us so much about you in her earlier letter. As a wife that loves her husband being a sissy, not only your acceptance but encouragement is just the type of marriage we wish to promote. Honest and loving with an open mind along with her total obedience will make for a long and happy relationship.


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