from Sissy

Dear Auntie Helga,

My Mistress has told me to send you this email to let you know how much progress she has made with my training. I'm so happy to also have this opportunity to let you know that I now have this beautiful new name: "Sissy Prettyknickers". I know before, that I didn't like it and didn't want my mistress to make me use it. Wasn't I silly Auntie Helga? It really is such an appropriate name for me because, I am a Sissy and I love to wear Pretty knickers, he he he.

Since the last time I emailed you my Mistress has been really kind and bought me a stainless steel chastity sheath which is secured by means of a piercing in my little penis. It's so comfortable that I can remain locked in it all the time and when pulled back between my legs and secured in place, it's hard to tell that I have the horrible little thing at all.

My Mistress now has a live in partner, Miss Karen, who I am lucky enough to be able to give service to also. Between them they keep me more than busy looking after their every need. I especially love to wash their clothes for them as I get to handle all their most intimate things, I just love to kiss each item as I put them away for them, of course I have to take my lipstick off before I do this, but I simply love to reapply it afterwards. Helping them to dress is fun too, they wear some really lovely dresses, I'm quite jealous. My Mistress just loves to show me off to her friends now and I look forward to being able to show her how obedient I can be. I have to finish this email now Auntie Helga, Miss Karen wants me go up and bathe her, I so love doing that too.

Respectfully yours,

Thank you for your letter Sissy. What a pretty name and so appropriate for a sissy like you. Your submissive attitude and obedient nature will bring years of pleasure to your glorious Mistresses, of course enjoying your jobs will help you find happiness as well. You have made great progress and I know the readers would love to hear from you again.

Auntie Helga

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