I had been sent to my mother's sister's house to help her with some things she needed done. My aunt's husband had left her a few months before this all started. Mother told me to carry along two bags of things she said her sister would be needing. Being a little curious I went the back way so I could duck behind a wall and see what mother had sent to Aunt Sally. I looked in at first and saw some silky material. I pulled out a pair of women's underpants. I went to tuck them back in only to drop them. I hoped I had not got them dirty. My hopes were dashed as I picked them up and saw the white satin material with a dark spot on it. I tried to dust it off but it only got bigger. My only hope was that I could say I did not do it.

When I got to Aunt Sally's house I handed her the bags and ask what she needed me to do, hoping to divert her away from the things in the bag. She said just a moment sweetie I want to get these things out and see how hey look. I heard her gasp and knew she saw the dirt on the panties. She went to the phone telling me to have a seat. I heard her saying that her favorite panties had dirt on them. She then said I am sure you did not get them dirty.

Aunt Sally came into the room after a bit. My face was red with embarrassment. She stood about two feet from me and said nothing. I on the other hand began to cry ever so low and tears ran down my cheeks. Aunt Sally then asked for an explanation. Through the tears and sobs I told her the truth. She then told that they cost her twenty dollars. I promised to give her the money from my savings to buy another pair. Aunt Sally said that was to easy but she excepted my offer to buy her a new pair. She then said that I would have to be punished for getting them dirty.

Aunt Sally told to remove my pants and underwear. I think my eyes were about to pop out of my head but I did as she said. After I had removed them she handed me the dirty ones and I held them for a long second. She said put them on dear. Shaking I lifted each lag one at a time putting them on and pulling them up, as I pulled them up my thing stuck out but it was short and she pointed at it and said they looked so pretty on me. She took me to her bedroom and sat me on her dressing table before long I looked in the mirror and saw a pretty girl looking back at me. Auntie Sally which she told me to call her from now on. She removed my shirt and put a silky dress over my head and slid it down over the panties. When I looked at myself again in the mirror I was taken back. A sexy pretty girl with a very short dress looked back at me. Auntie told me to turn around. When I did I lend just a trifle forward and I saw the white panties were peeking from under the dress.

My mind was whirling as I sat in the front seat of her convertible on our way to the mall. All I could think of was some of my friends hung out at the mall. I begged her not to make me go in the mall. She said the only thing she could tell me was that I had better be acting like a sexy teen girl when we got to the mall. She said if I saw any of my friends I should act like I do not know them.

At the mall she told me that I should be glad she did not make me wear her six inch heels. As we walked to the Victoria's Secret I saw two of my friends. Just like we always did they began to follow and I knew they were hoping to get a peek at the sexy girl's panties. I slid my hand back holding down the dress when Auntie told me that ladies don't do that so I was to stop holding it down. Auntie said slow don't bounce when you walk. Auntie turned to the boys and said "what do you think you are doing" they turned and ran away. I did see them at times peeking around corners and smiling. Auntie said why don't you give them a show? I said please not that but she said do it or I will. I turned my back to them and slowly lifted the dress to expose the back of my panties. I heard them whoop when they got a free shot.

When we left the mall we stopped at a fast food place and went in to eat. I had almost forgot that I was dressed as a girl. When I sat down with the tray I let my dress go way up and only then did I feel the coolness of the air. I looked around and saw two construction workers smiling at me. I know I blushed and Auntie said I was being a slut. Then I saw her open her legs just a bit so the workers could see her panties also. Before long I felt at home in this outfit. When we got home I asked Auntie if I could keep I on. She hugged me and said any time you want to take another ride to the mall let me know.

We do go to the mall about twice a week and mother likes to go along as we three girls also let the males get a peek.


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