We were delighted to have the opportunity to review this device and we hope to have the privilege of reviewing other interesting products, books and art next year.

I must say though that some time was lost in testing the device with my less than happy volunteer. The device was sent to his home and he was remiss in informing me of its arrival, perhaps feeling that I might have forgotten. I had not and as soon as I learned he possessed it I went straight away and retrieved the device, grabbing him by the ear I sent him to strip to his panties and return to me. As he stood there in shame I looked over the kit, I was most impressed with its packaging and construction, the variety of options to ensure a proper fit are impressive.

I was most pleased to see that retaining rings were provided with a hinge. As someone who has worn bracelets all my life I appreciate the attention to detail of this feature. Rather than having to slip this ring past the glans to seat it, the hinge makes this simple and much tighter, therefore more secure, something my volunteer frankly was not too thrilled about. They also included solid rings for those that prefer that style.

Because of his reluctance to inform me and the requirement to do a proper test, he remained locked for 5 days. All in all I was most impressed with the quality, the packaging and the assortment of provided parts. I highly recommend this device to any of my readers seeking a secure device of this type.

BON4Mplus-hinged-2-tn BON4Mplus-solid-2-tn
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Auntie Helga and the product testing team.

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