I was at school and was walking to class when this boy came up to me and told me I was a stupid girl. He said I need a good spanking and then I would be a better person. I told my friend about it and she said he always bullies girls. I said we need to do something about his actions. I got an ideal, I went to a couple of girls that he had called names and one he pushed into a rose bush and she got all cut up on the bushes.

I went to him and said that I would like to ask him to come over to my house for some fun time. He looked at me for a second and said OK when. I knew my parents would be out on Friday so i told him five on Friday. Before he came we set up cameras and recording devices one of the girls got from her dad. When he arrived I gave him a drink and some chips and we talked for a bit and I asked him if he was gay. He said no way. I said well you never have come on to me. I said do you think I am good looking. He said yes and that he thought I was very cute. I asked if he wanted to see my panties he looked surprised but said hell yeah.

I reached into the seam of the couch and took out a pair he said they were cute but he would rather I had them on. I said I will put them on if you put on a pair of panties with me. He thought about it for a bit then said okay. I sent him off with the pink pair and when he came out of the room he had them on and I was still dressed. I said come here he walked to me and I kissed him just a peck on the cheek. His penis was sticking out and I said I see you like them. He went back to why I did not put some on. I said I have some on. I said if you want to see them you have to ask me like a good little girl would. He spoke with a lisp and said "please let me see your panties" I said you have to tell me what your sissy name is. Again he thought but then said Nancy. I laughed and said you are so cute as a girl don't you want to be my little sissy, he said yes, I said yes what. He said yes i want to be a little sissy girl. I walked to the TV and turned it on and Dora had rewound the tape and there he was begging to be a little girl. He become very mad and started to cuss about that time two girls walked in and began to point at his tiny penis sticking out making a small tent in the front of his or her panties. I told him that from now on he was our gurl toy.

Since then he has been our wash woman washing out our panties and doing our chores when our parents were out. He had to model all sorts of sissy outfits. I put a collar around his neck and lead him down the street one day and several girls poked fun at him and at school all the other boys and girls would call him Nancy Panties.

Since then we had added four more sissies to our group and two of them begged to be our sissy. Just recently I sold Tommy or Tammy as he is called to Ginger and she is going to marry him as her wife. Tammy will be the one in the wedding gown. His father found out and got furious. Tammy's mother got mad at her husband and he soon joined the other gurls and was used by all of us including his secretary. We are a growing group and not seeking but the males are seeking us.

Panty Gurls

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