from Sean

Dear Auntie Helga,

Deb was in a good mood today so I went to talk with her about me wearing panties and bra every day. She told me when I am bad she must punish me so I learn like little kid. I was careful not to aggravate her or challenge her authority which never pays off for me. Deb did tell me before as long as I am bad she would buy me more to look like a woman as punishment. She already has pantyhose for me in my section of her dresser as a warning. She asked me why so many questions when I have been wearing panties and bra for a long time and it will always be that way. One thing about Deb saying sorry doesn't fix something I have done other than settle her down. She strongly believes disrespect is punishable for a long time not a quick sorry which I why I am still in panties and bra.

I was talking with her about your website and I was also talking with you. Before Deb got her back up I took her hand to show her your website otherwise talking with another woman online would be a punishable offense according to Deb's beliefs. She told me to leave her to read alone which I did until she called me a while later. When I went back she looked at me asking if I wanted to be a sissymaid like the pictures. I said no but I wanted to know what she wanted from me in the future. Deb looked at me telling after reading she wants me to be her sissymaid like the others on your website Auntie Helga. In her Chinese way she said to me oh just think Sean dressing all pretty every day with nice dress and pretty shoes like on website.

When I asked if she was confused with what I said not wanting to be a sissymaid she slapped me hard. Deb looked at me telling she wants sissymaid for me and that is it. I left the room while she read more from what I could see. Deb called her sister in China about your website and me I guess. I could see Deb looking at a website in China with sissy dresses while talking to her sister. She called me in the room while she went to get something coming back with a measuring tape. Deb measured me while talking to her sister which I think was giving her the measurements. She sent me away again while she talked with her sister for some time.

Deb called me back to talk with me and tell me about her sister. She told me and is very good at telling me her sister is going to have sissy dresses made for my big boobs. Deb told me when the dresses get here I will wear one every day like bras and panties. When I brought it up she stopped me with her hand on my mouth which is her way of telling me to show respect and listen. I took the hint as she showed me pictures of sissymaids shoes and pantyhose and wigs. Smiling at me she told me soon I will be her sissymaid too and that will be much fun. Auntie Helga I tried many times to convince Deb I was only talking about sissymaid and I did not want to be one with no success. My mistake was showing her your website although she never did tell me her plan about my future which might have been something similar. Deb told me tomorrow she will buy me shoes with heels and cheap dress until pretty sissy dresses comes. Sorry I am trying to explain it the way she talks. She is still in a good mood teasing me about wearing pretty dress and shoes with big heels.

When I asked Deb what if I said no way of dressing like a sissymaid she laughed telling me no problem if I say no. She looked at me reminding me of what would happen when I refused to wear a bra. Deb said only this time she would kick my ass very bad and not just spankings. I recall one time when I tried to tell her what she wants me to do is not legal. She laughed then too telling me she didn't care because she was the boss of me. Deb told me once she was my guardian to teach and train me to be nice and to do what she tells me.

One thing about Chinese women I learned is they don't give up and are very set in their ways. Deb looked at me asking if I was going to be her sissymaid like she told me or did I want to say no. The answer was clear in my head as it had to be yes unless I wanted her to kick my ass over and over until I agreed. When I agreed she said good Sean she will make me pretty like her just wait and see. Auntie Helga I don't want to wear anymore women's stuff than I do already but Deb is determined which has me over the barrel.

She went out for a while giving me time to write, think and pray. I feel embarrassed to admit a woman 5'-1" has so much control over me that I can't do anything except listen and do what she tells me. I'm sitting here wearing a pink tank top with huge boobs sticking out knowing in weeks I will be wearing a sissy dress too. I am beginning to wonder if I am a man or what now. I get to be a man in the bedroom when I am good otherwise the rest of the time I'm half and half. Deb makes sure I wear one of my bras and panties every single day with no days off lately. All I hear from her is how much she likes her man with big boobs and panties on. Now I going to hear how much she likes me in pretty dresses and shoes with heels. I can't win here Auntie Helga while Deb is in control of me and I mean real control not what some husbands say about their wives. Deb doesn't whine or complain instead she makes things happen with force.

That is my story so time to get off the computer.


Thank you for your letter Sean. It often happens that strong confident women like Deb after learning of the possibilities decide to offer their husbands the opportunity to become their sissymaid. Your willingness to submit to her bodes well for a long term commitment and a very happy relationship.

Auntie Helga

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