from Chris

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife Sara showed me the website petticoated.com a while ago to prove to me there are men who work as maids for their wives. I took the time to look at the pictures and read more about it for Sara. Before I go further let me share some of the past with you and more about us. We are in our mid forties and have been married for 12 years. My wife Sara got into corseting 8 years ago then got me into it 2 years ago. That's right my wife talked me into wearing a corset every day just like she does.

It is kind of embarrassing to write to you since I have never told anyone before. Sara also convinced me that my corsets would look so much nicer if I shaved my manly hair off and also wear panties. At first Sara convinced me to wear a corset to hide my belly which over time it did that and more. My waist is not as small as Sara's but it is much smaller. Sara thought I might fit into women's slacks better than my own so she bought me a pair to try out. The waist fit perfectly but the bum was a bit too loose so Sara had them tailored to fit me.

Next thing Sara took me to a store where they sold unisex clothing. It was so embarrassing when I heard her ask the sales lady for something a little more feminine for me. I tried to walk away but Sara held my hand firmly. We walked out of there with a couple of tops and a pair of shoes more like women's than men's. On the way home Sara assured me all kinds of me were wearing unisex clothing otherwise why would the store be there. Within weeks Sara had me wearing pantyhose with my slacks and camisoles with my tops. The women in our families were impressed with my new look more than the guys.

There is part of how I ended up here writing you today. Let me continue to Sara's next plan for me and she did have a plan I learned. Sara talked to me about taking on a bigger role at home to allow her more time to take courses and spend time with friends. Once again she convinced me to think of myself as the house keeper instead of husband. Sara explained she would teach me how to do all the things she had always done inside the house and I would get to call her Ma'am. I wasn't too interested in her plan after all the other things she convinced me to try.

Sara talked to me about how nice it would be for me to dress like a Victorian maid while attending to the household duties. She went on to tell me how much fun it would be to completely change my wardrobe to wear more feminine clothes than I had to date. It was clear to me Sara had given it thought and might have read about it somewhere. I knew Sara really wanted to implement her plan but I just couldn't get my head around it. As the weeks went by Sara was determined so she measured me a couple of times before I got dressed in the morning.

I knew Sara was up to something when she brought home bras for me to try on. They felt so weird on me but Sara wanted me to let her know which ones felt the best. The next day after Sara washed the bra I picked she helped me put it on in the morning with my corset, panties, pantyhose, camisole then slacks and top. Sara pointed out how feminine I looked after years of wearing a corset. Sara assured me I would look even nicer as a Victorian maid. I spent the last week wearing a bra every day with these silicone things inside it for Sara. Every day Sara brought home something for me to try on and I just did it instead of causing any issues. The only thing missing is the Victorian maid dress.

Auntie Helga is this type of thing more common than I realize? Why does Sara want me to be more feminine and be her Victorian house keeper? Is this some kind of power trip for women today? Does wearing a bra or wearing heels affect a man? I sure could use your help on this matter if you have a moment to reply to me.

Thank you,

How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing with your concerns. One thing about writing me is not to feel embarrassed, in order to provide honest advice I prefer full disclosure. Your delightful wife does seem to have a plan and obviously enjoys feminizing you to some degree.

It is quite common these days for husbands to become their wife's maid and a proper Victorian maid is not that unusual. You are already dressing like a woman so you're half way there. Why she wants this specifically you would have to ask her but generally many wives prefer to be in control, to have their husband be submissive to them, and of course to have a proper home. Yes, it could be said to be about power, a 'power trip', I suppose that's debatable, but certainly it does provide a woman with increased control.

I suppose wearing a bra and heels does affect a man in their appearance and posture obviously, but also their mental state and feelings about themselves. I will say that from what you've told me Sara plans for you to become her Victorian maid, that it is going to happen sooner rather than later and that you will in fact become her maid, it will be okay, many men do this and live very happy lives.

Auntie Helga

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