from Josie

Dear Helga,

When I was younger my mother used to get my father to do most of the cleaning and laundry. I never thought about it or whether all fathers were as domesticated as mine. It was not talked about that I can recall which led me to believe it was normal. My mother taught me that women were the strength of a family and at times would have to take charge. All of that meant nothing to me until later on when I started to date boys and especially when I moved out on my own. Most of the roommates I had were girls which was great keeping our place clean and tidy.

When I finally met my now husband it shocked me to see how lazy he was compared to my father. This caused arguments with him standing firm that cleaning was my job. Sadly my mother passed away long before her time which left my father to move away with a new lady friend. We are in touch however he isn't much help on the topic of my husband and the laziness. It is as though he wants me to find out for myself.

Helga the reason I am writing to you after finally finding a website that makes sense is to learn how to train my husband to be domesticated like my father. As far as I can remember my father never wore women's clothing like the ones on your website. He did wear an apron and sometimes my mother's slippers however I don't know why he wore her slippers sometimes and not all the time. Helga would you say my father was petticoated by my mother or was he just domesticated?

Warm Regards,

Thank you for your letter Josie. That is interesting, he was domesticated and perhaps petticoated, perhaps only panties underneath, but the slippers, that tells me there was more going on. There is always hope, I suggest you read through the many letters extolling the success of others that have used petticoating to train their husbands to become domesticated.


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