from Rosemary

Dear Helga,

I am so pleased that you are willing to advise me in dressing Tom in girl's clothes. After receiving your email yesterday, I admit that I did question what I was doing. Today I feel positive and can confirm that I am going to go ahead with dressing Tom in girl's clothes. This morning, after dropping Tom at his school, I went to a couple of bridle shops and saw some really pretty lacy, satin knickers, in several soft colours including white, you call them panties. They also had some lovely matching petticoats. I must admit that I hadn't considered a petticoat, but can understand that the silky fabric could help Tom get used to wearing girl's clothes, and in any case, it will be nice for him.

Your suggestion of a satin nightie threw me a bit. However if you feel that this will help Tom, then I would be willing to include one in my purchases. Are you suggesting that he wears one to bed the day he is wearing a dress? With regards to the dress, shoes etc, I will look at the weekend to see what is available.

From a timescale perspective, I would like to have Tom wearing a dress by the end of the next two/ three weeks. Is this feasible?


Thank you for your letter Rosemary. I am so pleased that you have decided to offer him this delightful experience and I'm sure it will be one that you enjoy as well. Great find on the knickers. I do feel a petticoat is good addition as well as a satin nightie and yes, a great way to end a day in his pretty dress.

As far as his dress is concerned, I suppose you could consider a satin party dress with lace and frills and make it a really girly look. Thoughts? A doll would be good too. Your time frame is very feasible.


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