from Nancy Edwina

Dear Auntie Helga,

It is my privilege once again to thank you for having spent your valuable time advising my Mistress on how my schooling should best be continued following my performance and behaviour as a Year 3. I am very thankful to you for having recommended that I be allowed to progress into Year 4 in September 2017 but recognizing that as well as deservedly continuing to receive ongoing discipline as the norm that my poor uniform discipline is to be dealt with as I deserve.

I have written the following description of my conditions during this school year for your review so that any additional disciplinary measures you feel appropriate may be applied to me and so that I can suffer the additional shame of having my deserved regime being made public. As always my Mistress is delighted to receive suggestions from your readers on how my discipline could be improved and she is very systematic in ensuring that additional punishments are applied to me which are suggested to her. In addition I hope very much you will feel able to recommend to my Mistress that I should be allowed to progress into Year 5 in September 2018. Of course if you do not feel this appropriate it will be my privilege to remain in Year 4 or even be put back into a more junior class as a remedial if you feel this is required for me to develop into a mature young lady able to carry out a suitable menial role in future and be a submissive housewife.

I am continuing to wear my full winter school uniform at all times except when at work, in my bed or doing PE. It is my privilege to be granted the honour of wearing my school uniform. In addition given my habitual failure to wear my uniform as told to by the undoing of buttons or failure to keep my socks and knickers straight my Mistress added an additional cardigan and grey pair of woolen knickers to my uniform. Every morning I have the joy of keeping on the grey woollen knickers, large maroon elasticated school knickers and grey woollen vest reaching to my elbows and tucked into my woolen knickers which I have worn whilst in bed and then dressing in my grey woollen knee socks with maroon stripe and elastic garters, shiny brown strapped school sandals with rubber soles, grey school shirt, my maroon and green striped school tie, a thick maroon serge pinafore dress with buttoned shoulders, two V grey with maroon trim wool cardigans, my maroon school blazer and school hat. At night I continue to be dressed in a grey woollen ankle length nightgown, my two pairs of knickers, woollen vest and my thick double knit knee length maroon wool bed cardigan with a double row of buttons to ensure my clothing remains in place. In addition I wear the thumbless woollen mittens which are a permanent reminder to me of the consequences of my failed past attempts at self-pleasuring. I would like to assure you that my feeble attempts at self-pleasuring have now ceased.

I had the privilege of being allowed to wear my summer uniform of gingham dress, ankle socks and cardigan, as I did for a period in Year 3, removed as part of my punishment for uniform failures nor have I been allowed to wear other clothing I have made for myself at weekends. I am in my winter school uniform and have remained, as a minimum, dressed in this manner throughout Year 4 so I can try to demonstrate my ability to meet the uniform rules exactly for a long period. As I will describe later when I have failed to maintain the correct uniform standards I have been further punished.

Since my last essay for you I have had the humiliation of continuing to make and knit my own plain 1950s girl's clothing which it may be one day be my privilege to be allowed to wear should my behaviour ever improve beyond the childish immaturity of the schoolgirl I am. I have made high waisted, thigh length knickers with thick elastics at both waist and leg holes in maroon, green, navy and brown (8 pairs), woollen high waisted thigh length knickers with thick elastics at both waist and leg holes in maroon, green, navy and brown (8 pairs), woollen ankle socks in maroon, green, navy, brown and white (10 pairs), woollen knee socks in maroon, green, navy, brown and white (10 pairs), thick elastic garters to be worn with my knee socks (2 pairs), woollen vests with elbow length sleeves and flaps buttoning between my legs in maroon, green, navy and brown (two of each colour), below knee length grey, green and brown woollen cardigan dresses, grey woollen balaclava with a pom-pom and grey, navy, maroon and green woollen round neck knee length cardigans, long length crew neck wool jumpers (as part of twinset with the matching cardigans) in grey, navy, green and maroon and a cotton navy sailor dress with a white collar and pleated below knee length skirt with suitable white hemming.

I still, of course, have a long list of girly clothing item of plain 1950s style which I am yet to complete and they remain on the list on my room wall so that I know of the many hours of needlework which still lie in front of me to complete my future wardrobe:

Serge knee length tunics with square necks, pleated skirts and neck to hem buttoning with a flap held in place with large protruding buttons across the behind which will be uncomfortable to sit on and will enable easy spanking or caning of my bare behind - one grey and one green, one brown

Ankle length brushed cotton blue and green tartan smock with large crocheted white woollen Peter Pan collar and matching white woollen crochet back flap with large buttons to enable easy access to my behind for administration of corporal punishment.

Three ankle length pleated skirts made from the thickest available serge material each with a flap held in place with large protruding buttons in contrasting colour across the behind to enable easy spanking, strapping or caning of my bare behind - grey, brown and green

Three knee length thick woollen cardigan jackets with collars (one grey, one brown, one green)

Two pairs of woollen mittens without thumbs with wrist ties (one grey, one yellow).

Three woollen berets with pom-pom (one white, one grey, one green)

Four pairs of woollen mittens (one brown, one grey, one green, one maroon)

Two woollen ankle length night dresses with elastics at the wrists, collars and 3 buttons at the neck (one grey, one brown)

My mistress's sister has ensured I have become quicker in both my sewing and knitting and says she will improve me further with the years of laborious practice I am yet to serve. As you directed even though my behaviour has improved, to a limited extent, I have continued to receive corporal punishment on a daily basis even when my behaviour is in full compliance with the rules. This means I receive a minimum of 6 strokes of the cane or strap and a thorough and hard spanking (by hand, paddle, slipper and/or hairbrush) every day.

All corner time continues to include the very deserved requirement for me to hold a pair of my Mistress's or her sister's worn knickers to the wall with my nose and/or wear a pair of their soiled knickers over my head. This is a very humiliating sanction which reminds me of my status and how insignificant and unimportant I am as a naughty schoolgirl compared to my more intelligent superiors.

My school lessons have been revised but are still focused on activities suitable for a girl of limited ability and likely to be suitable only to menial work and housework. I am spending many hours on reading and writing, Scripture and Needlework. I have been allowed the privilege of beginning to read and study works by Charles Dickens and am completing lessons in which I perform reading aloud, dictation, verbatim copying and comprehension. Likewise I am allocated similar exercises in studying The Bible with focus on the Books of the Old Testament. I am given regular PE lessons which as before are spent on endless repetitions of star jumps, hopping, running and skipping. For these exercises I am permitted the privilege of wearing my schoolgirl PE kit of a bottle green pleated PE skirt together with my underwear knee socks and plimsolls.

All of my toilet visits remain under supervision by either my Mistress or her sister. As before I must always request permission to go to the toilet by raising my hand and waiting until asked what I want and then asking, "Please Miss may Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick go for a wee wee?" or "Please Miss may Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick go for a caca?" If permission is granted I am taken to the toilet, have to put my hands on my head whilst I have my blazer, cardigans and dress lifted and my knickers lowered. After this I am allowed to sit down with my hands on my head whilst I do my business under supervision - I never have more than two minutes. After this I am allowed to wipe myself clean with hard toilet paper. To complete my humiliation I then have to bend over whilst my bottom is checked to ensure I have cleaned it properly. I am then allowed to put my uniform on correctly and return to work. It is a regular daily reminder of what close supervision I must have due to my childish and disobedient behaviour.

My Mistress told me that if I failed to meet the required standards for wearing my schoolgirl uniform I would be assigned potty training as a punishment. I have therefore tried very hard to be obedient and exemplary in wearing of my school uniform as I was desperate not to suffer further indignity. It is of course entirely my own fault that I have to be in this humiliating position.

Unfortunately on two occasions I have failed my uniform inspection by having buttons undone and/or clothing seams not correctly aligned. On the first occasion I had two cardigans added to my school uniform which I had to wear at night as well as during the day, was drilled and inspected for 2 hours every day, received 6 strokes of the strap across the palm and back of each hand and was made to use a potty for seven days. I had no control over when potty use was permitted (only twice per day) and deservedly suffered the humiliation of having my hands put in mittens before using my potty, had a dummy put in my mouth and then had to sit hands on my head on my potty under supervision to do my business. Of course I had to wash out my potty once I had toileted. It was unimaginably humiliating.

My continued poor compliance with wearing my schoolgirl uniform was shown when I offended again three months later. As I deserved the punishment was more severe to reflect my stupidity in not correcting my behaviour. I had a second pair of wool knickers and two school cardigans added to my uniform, had to keep a dummy in my mouth at all times unless granted permission to speak, two hours extra drill per day, no showering or washing for the duration of my punishment, 8 strokes of the strap to the palm and back of each hand and 12 strokes of the cane across my bare behind, a hard spanking on each occasion before using my potty, mittens on my hands when using my potty, watered cabbage only to eat via being spoon fed and again having to sit hands on head under supervision to use my potty. My punishment lasted three weeks. Suffice to say I have not failed to wear my school uniform correctly since serving this punishment.

Daily mouth washing out with carbolic soap and water continues to be part of my regime has it has for my more than four years as a schoolgirl.

As always my Mistress is very grateful to receive suggestions from any readers as to how my ongoing punishment should be extended to ensure my punishment is appropriately severe and I am deterred from any future repetition of my disgraceful, disrespectful and immature misbehaviour. She would be grateful for any ideas to be sent to

Once again I would like to thank you for spending your valuable time considering my position which I know is wasteful and results solely from my childish, disobedient and disgraceful behaviour. My Mistress hopes that you will share this with your readers so that I have the indignity of knowing my punished status is known to many people. I can assure you that despite now having been schooled for five years having to read out a public posting of my own punishment remains a very shaming experience for me. This does of course also allow your many readers the opportunity to suggest further punishments which will punish me for my immature misbehaviour, deter me from any repetitions as well as making an example of me to others tempted to behave in a similarly disgusting manner towards their wives.

As always my Mistress would welcome any further suggestions for dowdy, frumpy and unfashionable 1950s clothing which can be added to my list of knitting and sewing and of course be available for me to wear both now whilst I am attending school and in the future. I can assure you that the hundreds of hours I have spent sat on a hard stool facing the wall knitting and sewing these items which serve as part of my further humiliation and punishment have and continue to be a very severe lesson to me and have taught me that I am a naughty little girl.

In the remaining weeks of the summer term my Mistress and her sister will ensure my continuing punishment meets the levels of severity and humiliation which I deserve and you have kindly helped to specify. If you believe my punishment or behaviour would benefit from additional or different sanctions at any time please feel free to inform my Mistress and she will ensure I am not spared deserved discipline. She would also welcome any suggestions from your readers.

I will finish by thanking you again for devoting your expertise to help ensure that I serve penances and sanctions appropriate to a very immature and naughty schoolgirl. My Mistress will await your recommendation on whether I should be granted the privilege of progressing to Year 5 and if so if there any conditions which should be attached or if I should be held back or demoted further for my continuing failures particularly in obedience and respect in wearing my schoolgirl uniform which it is my privilege to be confined to.

Yours faithfully,
Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick.

Thank you for your letter Nancy Edwina and as happens yearly I am pleased to offer my suggestions on further training refinements and I hope you, dear reader, will offer your suggestions as well. Sadly dear you have failed in many areas so it is with a heavy heart I recommend you remain in Year 4.

You must wear as a minimum large knitted grey woollen knickers and maroon school knickers at all times and be spanked daily. And you must wear a woollen nightgown, bed cardigan and woollen thumbless mittens when in bed as well as have supervised toilet visits. Now I understand that this may be disappointing to you but it is our job to help you learn.

Auntie Helga

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