from Chris

Dear Helga,

I haven't got off to the best start. Yesterday, I put girls knickers on Robert, which was not without hysteria and tears from him. Then only to find out when I put him to bed that he wasn't wearing them. After chastising him he admitted to taking the knickers off when I went to get our tea ready. Needless to say I spanked him and put a pair of knickers on him to wear to bed.

This morning when I began to get Robert dressed for the day, he was wearing no knickers under his pyjama trousers. As you can imagine, I was furious and once again spanked him for disobeying me. Then I put a pair of knickers on him telling him that it was for his own good, as he didn't seem capable of behaving, and the knickers would help him remember that he needs to behave and become a good boy. Argue as he might, I was not about to change my mind. Already, twice today he has defied me and somehow managed to remove the knickers and hide them. You can no doubt guess that there were further spankings.

At the moment, while I am sat at the dining room table, Robert is sat watching TV with no shorts or jeans on so that I can see that he is wearing his knickers. With it getting colder towards the end of the day, I will have to think what I can do to ensure he is complying with my wishes, and the same goes for when he goes to bed.

I will continue until Robert realises that I mean business.

Kind Regards

Well he certainly is willful, though this is not that unusual. Perhaps you could step it up by putting him in a pretty little girl's party dress, one that has buttons at the back so he can not remove it.

I am however encouraged by your determination to help him this way. No mother wants to spank their child, I understand, but it seems to me that if you don't tackle these personality problems now, it could become impossible at some point. Now is the time.


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