My mother had to go to check on Grandma and left me (Thomas) to watch my seven year old sister who was always in my way. After mom left Sally told me she had to go to the toilet and before she could get in the bathroom I ran in first and she beat on the door saying she had to poop. I stayed in there until she started to cry and then I came out only to find she had went in her panties. I told her she was a baby and that when Mom got home I was telling on her. To further make it worse I made her lay on the floor and took off her panties and cleaned her up like a baby and then she put on some new panties. I felt everything was fine.

One of my friend Tag came over and we played on the computer until Mom came home I did not know she was there at first but soon found out. Mom walked in my room and asked Tag to leave. Mom asked me what had happened about Sally messing herself. I told her a lie I said I was watching T. V. and Sally came in stinking and I saw she had messed herself and I cleaned her up and she put on clean panties and that was all that happened. Mom looked at me and could tell she knew I was lying.

She told me to tell the truth or be in more trouble. So I told her I was just playing with her when she said she had to go poop and ran in the bathroom and stayed in too long. Mother pointed to my room and I knew to go in my room and wait. When Mom came in she had a bunch of clothes. I soon found out they were some of my older sister's that was away to college. Mother called Sally to come help dress her new baby sister. I started to beg her not to make me do this but that was falling on deaf ears. Mom made me, a nine year old boy, undress before Sally came in and she put a diaper on me with some pink satin panties over it. Then Sally was allowed in. She got a big laugh at my diapered bottom. BR>
Mother let Sally pick my dress and she picked a very small sundress that would not reach below the pink panties. They both had fun making me dance around the room and when I rebelled Mother began spanking my thighs. I was soon crying and Sally said maybe she needs a bottle and off Mother went to get and old baby bottle and filled it with milk. Sally sat on the bed and I had to lay with my head in her lap and suck the bottle until it was empty. Mother left and I thought she was in the kitchen and pulled the bottle away and told Sally she was a B****. Mom came darting back in and grabbed me up and said get on your knees and beg your sister to forgive you and if she does not you will be spanked on the front porch. I got on my knees and begged and begged some more but wound up on the front porch in the sundress diaper and panties. The dress was up and the panties around my ankles and the diaper hanging in the rail. Mother began spanking me and my crying drew the girls from next door to see what was going on. Ann one of the neighbor girls who I hated asked why I was wearing that sundress. Mother said not only the dress but a diaper and pink panties. Ann looked at my ankles and saw the panties and began laughing as her two other sisters did.

Ann told Mom if she need a sitter for then stopped and said what is your new daughter's name. Mother thought for a second and said Poopy Pants Patty. Ann laughed hard at that and said if she poops call me I will change her. We went back in the house and about two hours later I started for the toilet only to have Sally call Mom. Mom said now you know little girls don't use a potty. I said I had to go bad and she said what are you wearing under your pretty panties Patty. I bowed my head and said a diaper. She said well let me know when you need changed Poopy Pants Patty.

It did not take long before I was filling the diaper. Mother picked up the phone and spoke to Ann's mother telling her about Ann's offer earlier and Ann's mother knowing how I had teased and hit Ann agreed that would be OK for her to change me. Ann walked in with a rubber apron on and said let's get this done. Mother told me to lay on the bed and be a good little girl. I cried a Ann lowered the panties and then removed the diaper and again laughed and said now I know why he is a she baby. I knew she meant my small penis. She cleaned me and put a fresh diaper on me and then reached under her dress and removed her white cotton panties and pulled them up my legs and over the diaper.

My punishment went on all weekend and I was glad when Monday came, not thinking about what might be known at school I walked into class and everyone yelled "HI POOPY PANTS PATTY". After school Ann came to me and asked if I intended to return her panties and I said I was going to burn them. She grabbed collar and pulled me to her and said you go home Patty and get the white panties and wash them by hand and when they are dry you bring them to my house and I will give you the ones I have on now and you will put them on and wear them until bed time and then wash them and bring them to school and give them to me quietly and after school I will exchange with you, and you will wear the ones I have on home and wash them and this will go on until I say other wise. She let me go and said now for your punishment for talking back you will sing Mary Had a little lamb ten times as we walk homeward.

I spent five years as her slave and she then went off to college and I have seen her a few times since then and every time she calls me Poopy Pants Patty. Two of the times she has given me her panties and made me go in the men's room and put them on and give her my male underwear which she took with her each time. Last year she came home for her mom's funeral and she spent two weeks and I was called to her Mom's house and was her slave for several hours of each day until she moved away. She sold her Mom's house to me and told me that she would be back. When she comes back I will write more.


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