My two sisters and I were playing a card game on the big night before our trip to the beach when Sara my sister, who was two years older than my fourteen years, said that she was the best at Rummy. I swore I was the best but my younger sister Mary said she was the best so we all got into and argument about who was best and made a bet. The bet was who ever lost had to wear the swim suit to the beach the next day that the winner choose. We all agreed just as my mother walked in. She said that it was a fool's bet and we should stop it. We all begged mom to let us do the. She said OK but who ever lost had to be the one going for the lunch at the concession stand, and would serve all of the other in any way they chose. She said she was doing this to teach us a lesson. We all agreed.

The game began and I was in the lead to win when suddenly I got a bad hand and you guessed it, I lost. I went to bed that night wondering what I would be wearing to the beach. When morning came I still did not know what it would be until we were getting ready to go. I knew a lot of my friends would be at the beach and hoped that the girls would take pity on me. No such luck! Sara called me to her room and there on her bed lay a hot pink two piece swim suit and a purple hair scarf. Also she had a big beach towel that had Tinker Bell on it. I start to beg the minute I saw it but to no relief. Mother came in and said Thomas you made the bet you lost so put it on now.

I picked up the outfit and went to the bathroom and put it on. I was wishing I had not let my hair grow so long. I looked in the full length mirror only to see a boy in a girls bathing suit. One thought went through my mind "if only I looked more a girl it would be better than looking like a boy in a girls suit". I came out only to have my sisters and mother laughing at me. The half mile walk to the beach was the worst walk of my life. Some older guys walked by us and one pointed at me and said she is so cute. Sara yelled at them and ask if they wanted to date me. One guy said only if she will kiss me. They all laughed and Sara said that I would kiss him if she told me to. The guy said "No Way" and Sara said she will kiss you right now and he stopped and walked over to me and said OK kiss me. I knew Mom's rule and looked at her hoping she would said I did not have to. I quickly kissed him on the cheek but he was not satisfied. Mother told me a proper kiss was what the boy wanted and you better do it right or he will see your naked butt over my lap. I kissed him on the lips and he held my head to his lips. I pulled away and he walked away laughing.

When we got to the beach I saw several of my friends they came over and started making fun of me. I explained what it was all about but went to far by telling them I had to do as Sara and Mary told me to do our I would be laid over mother lap and the bottom pulled down and be spanked in front of everyone. Things went good for a few minutes and Jimmy came over and said "Tom we all think you should model like those girls in magazines for us. I said Jimmy you are my friend and he replied as to how it would be funny. Sara heard him and said do it Suzy. Jimmy laughed at my being called Suzy ( was called Suzy often by my friend from that day on). I slowly began to do poses like I had saw in the magazines and they all clapped with each pose and one guy said turn and bend over and look back and smile when you do. I did and puff a flash of light went off and I saw a camera in my sister Sara's hands.

The day went with many humiliating things and I might talk of them at another time. But the most humiliating was when I went to the concession stand to get lunch for my family and the guy I kissed was there. Sara had accompanied me and the guy asked her if she would tell me to sit on his lap and let his friend take our picture. She said of course and I will take one also. I climbed on his lap and he kissed me on the cheek as the camera went off. Then he smacked my butt as I got down. On the way back with the food I dropped my pop and Sara got mad and told me to return to the food stand for another.

When I got back the guy said how cute I was and that he was gay and was glad I was also I yelled at him and said I was not gay. He said then you are a sissy. As I walked back to the beach I wondered if I was because I had often thought of how I would look and feel in my sister's panties.

When we got home from the beach I did not take off the bathing suit right away and Sara asked if I liked wearing it I blushed and she said you know you could try some of my other things now that you are my new sister. She said of course you have to tall me what your sissy name is. I looked down and said Suzy. She smiled and said come on sis lets go play dolls. It was sort of strange feeling to play with dolls and wear girls clothes but I did it and both of my sister always enjoy making me their sister as often as we can.

I am now married and have found I can not have children and my wife is ok with that and yes she does know about Suzy and she likes making me her house maid or girlfriend. We have been shopping and have went to my sister's house dressed as a female. One of my brother-in laws also is dressed by Mary. Sara passed away a few years back and I always think of how she loved me and how she helped me to become who I am today.

Suzy Lovings

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