from Fred

Dear Auntie Helga,

It took me a while to find a website like partially because I hadn't heard of the term before now. I am not even sure if writing to you is a good idea or has anything to do with my own situation. My wife and I are newly weds having only been married for 6 months with both of us in our twenties. Both of us lived at home until we got married which quickly taught me that living with Karen was not the same as dating her. My personality is more to go along with her rather than cause an issue where Karen likes to lead the relationship. The reason for me writing to you is more about what is to follow that what I have written so far if you are beginning to wonder where I am going here. I do find this embarrassing to say the least but if i don't talk to someone soon it may be too late for me.

As I mentioned, Karen likes to lead so that started in the bedroom first then with everything else. Karen decided only weeks after being married that she would look after buying my clothes with her actually telling me that was going to be the case. Again I didn't want to cause an issue so I let her take charge or it. Within a few days I noticed women's panties in my underwear drawer and my boxers nowhere to be found. I called out to Karen about what was going on when she standing there with her hands on her hips flat out told me she wanted me to wear panties from now on. I asked why would I wear panties when Karen told me because she wanted me to wear them. She took a pair of panties telling me to put them on so I did feeling totally humiliated.

As the days went on I could sense Karen didn't want to discuss me wearing panties with her changing the topic when I tried to bring it up. It was about a week later when I found a bra in my underwear drawer that wasn't hers. Karen always had good timing so she was right there again as I was about to ask about the bra. I looked at her and told her I wasn't going to wear that bra. Karen smiled telling me I was going to wear it maybe not that day but in time I was going to wear a bra. I ignored the whole idea of wearing that bra for a few days until I noticed another one and a few pairs of stockings in my underwear drawer.

Without me knowing Karen was also holding back on sex pretending not to feel well or being tired every night. As the days went on Karen continued to add articles of women's clothes to my drawers. The weekend came so Karen spent Saturday shopping with her mother while I did my own thing. It had been nine days now with no sex with Karen which was telling me it had something to do with her purchases. Knowing Karen was gone for hours I took a look at the bra and stockings then looked in my closet to see if there was anything else. Low and behold I found a maid dress and a pair of women's high heels on my side of the closet. By now it was becoming clear that Karen was planning to have me wear these clothes otherwise there would be no sex for me. Now I had never worn anything like this before which made me feel very uncomfortable Auntie Helga.

I tried everything on feeling like a fool when I looked in the mirror before taking it all off again. Later that same night Karen asked me while watching TV if I had any troubles earlier in the day. I wondered was she talking about what I thought she was but I didn't let on I knew. She asked again if had any troubles getting dressed followed by asking if the maid uniform fit me properly. I had no idea how to answer Karen knowing she knew I had tried it on. Karen hugged me telling me not to worry as I would get used to wearing it within a few days. I asked her what that meant and why was her heart set on me wearing women's clothes.

Karen explained that she was going to train me to be her maid and later her sissymaid. She told me to think of myself living a life looking after her every need and how happy it would make her if I agreed. Karen was firm with her words so I knew she was serious. As the days followed Karen began training me on all household tasks with me wearing the maid uniform every day. Karen doesn't talk much about why instead more about how she wants things done.

She continues to be firm with her training having high expectations of me as her now maid. Every time I think is a good time to talk about it Karen finds something else to occupy my thoughts. Karen continues to buy me things here and there letting me know how lucky I am that she loves me so much. Auntie Helga with you having a website that caters to this lifestyle perhaps you can shed some light on this for me. I really don't want to do this anymore and never did for that matter. I do love Karen just as many men love their wives which is why I am reaching out for some guidance.

After looking into what is a sissymaid it is clear to me that is what Karen wants but not me. Karen's mother talks to me in a way that I feel she knows what is going on which doesn't sit well with me. Auntie Helga looking after the household tasks has been a good learning experience and I have no problems doing them. I just don't want to be anyone's maid or sissymaid. How can I let Karen know I was a good sport about it but have no interest in playing the game any longer? Karen wants me to keep my legs shaven and I feel next week it will be something else so I have to find a way to stop this. If you have time to read and reply I would appreciate hearing your advice.


Thank you for your letter Fred. Your confusion is understandable and you did the right thing by reaching out to me for help, I understand and sympathize with your situation. However (readers, you know where this is going?) you decided early on to do as your amazing wife wished and now you have know what that is, while you may see her decision to make you her sissymaid as a bad thing, in fact it is a very good thing and an opportunity to show her the love and devotion she deserves. I suggest you put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

Auntie Helga

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