from Robert

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have been instructed to write to you once again to expand on how I am disciplined using petticoat punishment at the present time, to explain how I am kept under control by my wife with the help of my sister and my ex-wife. Firstly I have had to wear a chastity device for some time now since my wife caught me masturbating, she explained that she found it disgusting and that it should not be necessary in a marriage, that it made her feel inadequate. She was right of course.

Secondly since around the same time my wife has used petticoat punishment on me when I do something which displeases her, I do not like having to dress as a girl and be feminised but I know that she just wants what is best for me as did my mother when she controlled my naughtiness in the same way.

Thirdly, again since the time when I was caught masturbating I am subject to Corporal Punishment for which purpose my wife keeps a punishment cane for use on my bottom, in the first instance this was given to her by my mother who used it on me when I was a little boy but now she has purchased a more severe model of which I am very scared.

Fourthly, and this has only begun recently she has enlisted the help of my ex-wife and my sister to assist her with my feminisation whilst she is away from home with her work, something which is necessary a good deal more lately. I do not like having to be obedient to my sister she used to get me into trouble when I was a little boy, I was punished many times in her presence, just on her say so whether she was telling the truth or not, and when she comes around the house to give me my body waxing she makes it purposely painful so that usually I am in tears by the time she is half way with me.

She has however been looking after me while Anne is away, I am expected to do as she tells me, I must be totally obedient to her, the worst of it is that she so enjoys being in total control of me, it's so embarrassing because she can humiliate me as a punishment, or just because it takes her fancy, in any way she chooses, she is allowed to make me stand in the corner and slap my legs if necessary, she is not allowed to spank or cane me but I know that one word of complaint from her when Anne arrives home will soon see me bent over the armchair and spanked very hard on my bottom with her watching or worse still having to be grounded for a week or more.

My wife says that it is good for me to realise that other people know how I am dealt with when I misbehave and of course my sister witnessed how my mother treated me when I was a little boy and is well aware of how I react to petticoat discipline. She is allowed to put me into dresses and feminise me as a continuation of my petticoat training. My sister likes to make me wear very feminine things, I have to say Auntie Helga that I find them quite uncomfortable but I suppose that is all part of my training.

She makes me wear underwired bras, very lacy and girly with lacy panties that must always match (naturally she inspects me to check that they do), and which of course being lacy and practically see through they show my CB Ring. The bras are tight on me and cut into me leaving marks when I take them off at bedtime. I have to wear a suspender belt, which is a horrid thing to put on me, and stockings which I must not ladder or damage in anyway if I want to avoid being punished by her. On top I have to wear dresses that come below my knees, I usually wear sort of slippers with them when I am under her control. At night she makes me wear baby doll nighties and tiny panties, of course these are very short on me and she gets great pleasure in slapping my legs when I allow the panties to show which it is impossible not to do when I am wearing them. Sometimes she makes me dance for her while I am feminised but more often she makes me tell her how my wife deals with me and why being petticoated is so good for me

Sometimes I fantasise about her really punishing me but only when I am not actually with her, I don't think I would like it if my wife actually asked her to punish me though she has more than once invited her round to witness her punishing me and she has even been present when I have had to get the cane.

My wife has recently started to send me to my first wife's house to spend a weekend under her control, this is really horrid for me but I know that the way I treated her when we were together was completely unacceptable and that now I am paying the price for my misguided behaviour towards her. I do feel very guilty about it Auntie Helga and know that I deserve everything I get when I am with her. She makes me wear very short pleated skirts with a lacy blouse and a cardigan in the same colour as the skirt, underneath she makes me wear white petticoats and stockings and white bras and panties.

She has me sitting sit cross legged in front of her with my arms folded like a junior school girl; I know she can see up my skirt and where the panties cover my CB Ring. Usually she questions on me on my behaviour since I last saw her, I do not see her that often so sometimes its weeks that I have to try to remember what I did wrong and how I had to have a punishment. She likes me to do into great detail about how Anne has treated me, and she teases me saying things like;

"And did Anne have to give you a smack Robert"


"And do you think I should have put you into dresses and punished you when we were together Robert" to which I am expected to answer in the affirmative. If I have had to have my bottom spanked in the previous week she makes me go and stand in the corner and hold up my petticoat and short pleated skirt then she comes over to me and pulls my panties down to my ankles so that she can see the marks which the spanking or worst still the caning have left on my bottom. If I have been caned she will trace her fingers over the stripes, following the red marks left by the cane and will make me describe how I felt as my wife chastised me. She likes to make me describe my embarrassment at having to be treated in such a way; she does it to humiliate me. She teases me about being feminised for discipline. She makes me describe in detail to her what I am wearing and how I benefit from petticoat discipline. She makes me apologise for the way I treated her when we were together, the last time I was with her she asked me if I wished that she had treated me in the same way that Anne does now.

I admitted to her that I thought that if she had treated me as my mother and Anne had and do treat me we would still be together. I admitted to her that I fantasise about her caning me and that she had every right to because of how I treated he and how the thought of that really excited and how my little willy tried to stand up when I thought about it but could not because of my CB Ring. She found that very funny and teased me all weekend about it.

We usually have supper on the Friday evening and then I have to wash up and clean her kitchen thoroughly, when I have finished I have to stand in the corner with my hands on my head reciting a line over and over again or write lines, Diana likes to see me sitting at her desk in my girls clothes writing lines. When she has finished with me I have to go to bed, I have to wear a pair of full white nylon panties and a girl's white satin nightdress.

My first wife is very good at tennis so sometimes on Saturdays she will dress me in a light blue tennis dress and frilly navy blue panties with a white trainer bra and ankle socks, this is because when we were married I used to make her wear her tennis gear all weekend so that I and my friends could ogle her, so now she says, and my wife agrees, it's my turn to be embarrassed. A road passes by the end of her tennis court and although it is hardly used anyone passing by in a car can see me, in the past cars have stopped to watch us playing, this is so humiliating that I have lost my nerve and run to hide in a corner of the court, she gets very cross with me and tells me off and reports me to my wife when I do that.

I have to do her washing and ironing, she has a machine for most things but I have to wash her delicates by hands, this takes ages and she makes me wear just a pair of panties and my trainer bra when I am doing it so that my nice dresses do not get wet. She usually finds a reason to punish me for not doing her laundry to her standard so I am often writing lines or standing in the corner for a good deal of Saturday evenings.

Once I have finished her washing I have to change into a girl's school uniform, again I used to make her do this at weekends so it is only just that she should make me do the same thing. When I have to be put into school uniform by my wife it consists of a white long sleeved blouse, blue striped school tie, black flared skirt. large mint panties and white knee socks but Diana has a different version which consists of a similar long sleeved white blouse but with a bottle green cardigan, a short bottle green skirt which is pleated (she likes me in pleats) white ankle socks, I also have a striped blazer (three different shades of green) which she sometimes makes me wear. Underneath I have to wear a girls white lacy undervest and large green panties which cover my bottom completely and come up to my waist.

Being treated like this by Diana really brings me down a peg or two and reminds me of my place and how my wife has total control over what I do how I behave and that I can be sent to other women to be disciplined, I know that it is very good for me to be brought down several pegs, as it is for all naughty boys like me, I know that my place in the pecking order is very much at the bottom and having to behave like a ten year old girl or else risk a caning from my wife when I return home really emphasises this for me.

I am really humiliated by the time I drive myself home on Sunday mornings and usually worried about what she will put in the email she sends to Anne telling her about my behaviour because sometimes its content causes Anne to spank me, but although I know it is very naughty of me Auntie Helga. I do sometimes wish that my wife would give her permission to spank my bottom, I get very excited at the thought of having to bend over and present my bottom to her so she could spank me.


Thank you for your letter Robert. Your desire to be punished by your ex is perfectly normal and you shouldn't worry about it, however, like everything else in your life, it is not your decision to make. Many of our regular readers will remember you and your wonderful wife, Anne. Her continuation of petticoating Robert reinforces his submissive attitude, I expect this can serve as a lesson for other wives and mothers.

Auntie Helga

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