from Sissy Felicity

Dear Auntie Helga,

Mistress Claire has asked me to write in with an update on my training.

First off, I am to thank you for suggesting that I walk at all times with limp wrists whenever I am not holding things. It has brought Mistress Claire and Mistress Gemma much amusement, and they are constantly giving me pointers on how I should walk like a proper sissy. Things like how much I should sashay as I stick my limp arms out while I suck my cheeks in. There's a lot to remember, and I have to get it right at all times or else I am punished. Mistress Claire has very high standards, so I must walk with very exaggerated steps. Mistress Claire says if it doesn't make her smile or laugh, then my walk clearly isn't good enough.

Mistress is still keeping me on my strict low fat, no protein diet. I have definitely lost weight, but the food is truly difficult to eat. It started out just as bland meals like porridge and bread and water, but when I complained that it was hard to finish my meals because they were so lacking in taste, Mistress Gemma came up with the wonderful idea of combining unusual healthy foods that I don't enjoy to create new and exciting flavours, to ensure I eat everything on my plate. Now I have the opposite problem. It's quite difficult to get through a bowl of mushroom soup after Mistress Gemma has mushed a banana up in it.

Occasionally, for my good behaviour I am rewarded fruit juice as a sweet treat, but often I am made to brush my teeth before I am allowed my cold fresh orange. I am told it is so my teeth don't rot, but it makes it taste very bitter. Mistress says She is training my brain so meals just become another chore to finish for me, so my mind has no time to wander and so I will want to hurry back to my important duties. Food creates energy and can produce endorphins so Mistress feels that controlling my eating habits and replacing it with something bland or unpleasant means I can't look forward to meals. They are just there to make me full until the next meal.

My Mistresses would like me to congratulate you on your August edition. Mistress Gemma was present this Friday as I read the issue aloud for them both, and they teased me at the end of each letter, asking me to put myself in each sissy's pretty shoes. At the end of 'Fun With Our Sissies' from Mistress Beccy, Mistress Gemma mentioned Mark and suggested to Mistress Claire that I had probably guessed they would have made me and Mark do something similar to each other and that's why I scared him off.

Auntie Helga, for the record, while I am so, so, so incredibly glad I don't have to do anything like that, I swear I had nothing to do with his break up with Mistress Gemma. Even though I was foolish enough to say anything to Mark at the restaurant, I didn't speak to him after that. I swear it. Mistress Gemma doesn't seem to believe me, and so she likes to take charge of many of my punishments these days, but I really didn't have anything to do with it Auntie Helga.

I think Mistress Claire believes me but Mistress Gemma keeps mentioning it even though I have been a good sissy lately. I am doing what I am told, but I am still being punished for things I haven't done. If you could put in a good word, I would be ever so grateful. I am being a good girl and I am proud to have my tiara on at the end of the day, just like you said. I thought the point of my situation was to help me learn to be a better person, and the punishments were there in case my behaviour slipped, but I am doing well, so what is my incentive to make a fool of myself if I am just going to be punished regardless?

I asked Mistress Claire if she felt Mistress Gemma was going too far with her punishments over this Mark situation, and She told me that I am as much Mistress Gemma's sissy as hers, and the lesson is to become the best version of myself, which is a sissy, and the only way a sissy can be the best at what she does is by obeying women without question. But I made the foolish mistake of answering back, and said 'But I thought that's what turned women like you on. Won't you be bored of me if I just did everything you asked without me getting embarrassed?' which earned me a long session with the cane. It hurt a lot, but I could at least understand the reason for that punishment.

If you wish for this to be published then please don't include these last two paragraphs. I don't want Mistress Gemma thinking I am questioning her methods behind her back. But if you could leave in the paragraph that stresses I had nothing to do with Mark, I would be eternally grateful. I am being good. Mistress Claire has approved this letter, and says she will leave those decisions to your discretion. Mistress has reminded me of the last time I asked for your help, and how well that went for me, but if I am being a good sissy (I am learning how to sew and apply make-up properly at the moment) then I thought you might be on my side more.

Kneeling Compliantly,

Flaccid Felicity

Thank you for your letter Felicity. I am delighted that you have taken my advice and now walk and pose as a proper sissy, of course that is very amusing to watch and along with the humiliation you feel while doing so is reinforcing your training. Of course as any reader of this publication would know, I left those two paragraphs in because they are important reminders that questioning Mistress is never a good idea, obedience is what is required.

Auntie Helga

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