from Jane

Dear Helga,

Crikey, what A Saturday night, unusual or what? I don't know if you know but in England we have the "Grand National" which is a steeplechase for horses over nearly five miles, It was run on Saturday afternoon an outsider won at 66-1.

Anyway Hilary arrived at 8pm sharp, I invited him into the kitchen. Mummy and Daddy were at a wedding with my sister, I did not go as some one has to be at the farm 24/7. He had a coat on which I told him to remove. He was dressed as I told him, in a short mini-skirt, a white short sleeved blouse, in fact with his boyish figure and fair hair he looked quite pleasing to the eye. I asked him in a serious manner if he had washed and cleaned himself thoroughly, he assured me that he had. Again I asked if he was willing to do everything I told him without a murmur of discontent. He assured me that he would. My heart was racing and I was quite excited at the thought of the power that I now had over this individual.

I took him upstairs to the bathroom and told him to remove his clothes, which he did quite demurely, I instructed him to stand with his legs apart, I then tied a length of baling twine around the outside of his "ball bag" around the stem of his penis, which had hardened. I was surprised at how small it was, it seemed under four inches in length. (This rather disappointed me until I was able to do some research on Google on Sunday into the average size of the male penis, evidently the Romans thought a small penis was best, as can be seen by the scores of their statues in museums, where the penis's are very tiny, accordingly the Romans and Ancient Greeks thought a long penis, 6" or so was the sign of a barbarian!)

Anyway, I tied the end to the lavatory cistern and told him to wait until I returned. I went to my bedroom, removed my panties, put on a very short flared skirt and a blouse, no bra, although my breasts are very small, they are pert and upright. I went back to him and said you are now going to be my "stallion" and we are going to re-run the Grand National. Your name is "Girly-Boy" and if you fall or stumble at any fence, I might have you "gelded" I said to him, what's your name, his voice all of a quiver, replied "Girly-Boy"

I led him around the house at a canter, making him jump over obstacles such as the foot stall, paper rack etc. I took him out into the yard and made him trot around whilst I yanked on the twine to stop him or make him run faster. I then took him back to the bathroom, made him shower and then kneel on all fours whilst I examined him all over.

I then put on my heels, stood over the lavatory basin, one leg each side and had a pee. He watched in amazement, I felt rather strange, no one had seen me have a wee-wee since I was a little girl. I then took your advice where I summoned up the courage from I do not know, I made him kneel in front of me, I told him that he had to lick my vagina clean, I have protruding lips down there so it always needs a special wipe to keep me dry and clean. He hesitated for a second and I pulled the baling twine so hard, his cock nearly came off at the roots, he came towards me, tongue out and proceeded to lick all around my private parts. I am not shaved down there but do have it cut very short and slimline.

His tongue went all over and it was empowering, I even managed a very little squirt of urine into his mouth! He arched backwards but I pulled his string and he immediately resumed his cowering position. I don't know what made me say it, but I said now come around the back of me and lick my bottom hole, he hesitated slightly but a shout, a kick with my high heel and a good strong yank on the twine and he scuttled around to my posterior. I was beautifully clean in that area but he set to with gusto, trying to force his tongue into my orifice, it is very tight so he did not have much luck but the thought that this beautiful young "girly-boy" was willing to do as I ordered was mind blowing. I took him to my bedroom, tied a beautiful silk ribbon around his appendage and pulled it up between his legs several times.

I then told him to put on my sisters little tight black dress (God I hope she never finds out!) I had removed the baling twine, his penis looked quite the worse for wear, some bruising had occurred. I said your penis is very very small from what I can see, are you really a young man? He assured me he was. I laid on my back, used my dildo to arouse myself, whilst he watched. I then instructed him to raise the dress, hold his appendage and make it grow, that's a laugh, four inches was the maximum! I made him lie on his back and straddled him, I lowered myself on to him, he entered me but there was not a lot of feeling or excitement. Helga, is it because he is lacking in the penis department that he is like he is? I was very disappointed and angry, I had to finish myself off with my little black rubber battery operated dildo.

Lots of love and kisses,

Thank you for your letter Jane. Exploring your power over your girly boy seems to have gone very well. As so many others have found, being in charge of a inadequate and submissive male can be very empowering and wonderful. For many of us, we prefer a larger penis, oh sure we say, 'size doesn't matter' but we all know it does so your disappointment is not unexpected, at least you had a dildo ready.


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